#YouShall Debenhams Christmas Campaign

So after the slight dissapointment of the John Lewis Christmas advert, Debenhams swooped in and saved the day with their beautiful Christmas Love Story.

Shortly after releasing their Cinderella Modern Fairytale, Debenhams began their #YouShall campaign on Twitter asking for users to send in their favourite Christmas Selfie and to tweet what would make their fairytale Christmas. Through this hashtag random users were picked to receive a special gift and I was lucky enough to be chosen after sending through a failed series of selfies of my mum, brother and I trying to get a photo with my 90 year old grandfather as seen below!

It was a week or so later that this beautiful gift arrived at my doorstep and I was utterly blown away! It also helped that I had just ran out of perfume that very morning! What great timing Debenhams

Issey Miyake L’eau D’issey Pure (90ml)
Debenhams Online Shop

This perfume looks so elegant and something I would have never imagined owning or having on my make-up desk! It is so sleek and smooth and just remind me of an icicle or rain drop which is a great match for the upcoming Christmas season. The scent itself is quite sweet and is long lasting. I can still smell this after putting it on this morning and it’s now 6pm. This is without any spritz.

Thank you so much Debenhams for this absolutely wonderful gift, it is sitting with pride on my make-up desk and I have already got so many compliments! My mum has also tried to steal it on multiple occasions so we are sharing for now!

Check out Debenhams on twitter to see more about their #YouShall campaign!

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