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What I wear to a wrestling show

What I wear to a wrestling show title

After falling back in love with wrestling and discovering the amazing local scene across Ireland, you’ll now find me most weekends attending a wrestling show! With shows across Belfast and down south in Cork and Dublin there is definitely no shortage of wrestling adventures to go on.

Hayley The Tiny standing in front of Army Truck at Wrestling Show at Crumlin Road Jail

So what do I wear title

Hayley The Tiny at Crumlin Road Jail at the Uprising Show Hayley The Tiny Wrestling Show Outfit at Uprising at Crumlin

Well honestly you can wear whatever you like! Though I find there is a little more judgement on what girls can wear, I tend not to give a crap. So below you will find my typical wrestling show outfit (dependant on what venue the show is in).

Jeans Title

You gotta be comfy at these shows and ready to move if necessary. Some venues are colder than others so I find that Jeans not only give you that comfort but they also match any
t-shirt you may wear!

Comfy Shoes Title

Again, when you are queuing for a meet & greet, or standing in the queue outside to get in, comfortable footwear is a must! No broken ankles and heels here! Ankle boots and flat shoes for me are a must, and when in a cold venue, a pair of shoes that allow room for multiple sock layers never hurt!

Wrestling Shirt Title

A lot of the wrestlers sell their own merchandise at the shows and we love to support them in any way that we can. I think between the 3 of us we nearly have every wrestler’s shirt possible! Of course, sometimes I like to feel a little more girly so I wear a nice little top and bring a couple of shirts with me in case I want to throw one on throughout the show.

Wrestling Show outfit full length

Pair all this with a jacket or a coat and ta-da! Really though I find in the Irish scene in particular everyone wears whatever they want and it’s always so cool to see the range of wrestling t-shirts old and new and who everyone is supporting!

I show of my Wrestling T-Shirt Collection HERE on youtube! Why not check it out?

I can’t wait to continue to grow my collection throughout the year! Do you have any wrestling t-shirts? Or do you attend any of the local shows across Northern Ireland and Ireland?

Thank you so much again to the wonderful Stevie Robinson (Find his Blog HERE) for taking these amazing photos <3 I feel like I never thank him enough, he’s so patient and always knows what to do and where to put me to get the best photos <3

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