Welcome to my Blog!

Hello Everyone and welcome to my first ever blog!

The articles here will range from anything to everything. I always love experiencing new things and I thought since I am finished University now it would be the perfect time to start blogging. I have always been interested in it, and I have attempted to start one up a couple of times but I always seemed to lose interest or not have enough time to maintain it.

This time I’m going to stick it out.

As I said my blog posts will range from sports articles, to baking, to fashion, to web and desing. Pretty much a little sprinkle of everything. It may get personal at some points but I’ll try not to moan or depress you too much πŸ™‚ After all I have to capture your attention, make you want to read my thoughts and ramblings.

The blog should and should being the main word there, be updated every day if I have the time, but more than likely it will be every other day knowing my time management at the moment. I will stop rambling now however and let you get back to your day, which I hope is going well, Monday Blues can be a killer.

See you later Alligator!

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