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Urban Decay Heat Palette Launch – Revoluncia De Cuba

What a better way to spend a Thursday than to be surrounded by wonderful bloggers, make-up and cocktails.

Revolucion de Cuba and Urban Decay teamed up to host a wonderful launch event for the UD Heat Palette last Thursday (17th August 2017) and all you had to do was phone the counter, put your name on the list and pay £20 on entry! With your entry, you received a voucher for a FREE Cocktail, a FREE Vice Lipstick and we were able to book ourselves into a cocktail making masterclass.

Revolucion De Cuba (formerly Café Vaudeville) was absolutely stunning! I had never been in the club before so I was a little nervous along with the fact that it would be my very first make-up event and my very first time meeting all the girls. There was no need for nerves though! After meeting the wonderful Wendie (aka Lurganista) I felt so relaxed and we moseyed on in to check out to venue and to take advantage of their buy one get one free offer. I was driving so it was a mocktail for me and my first ever one at that!

I went for the Summer Punch, which arrived with this huge passion fruit on the top! Mocktails started at £3.50.

The other girls started to arrive in and I got to meet the lovely Jenn (JenniferHughesReviews), Lynne (Lifeofamumof6), Lynsey (Littleluxuriesbylynsey), Gill (eyelinerflicks) and Charlotte (Charlottesmakeupblog). We were a little early so we sat downstairs and chatted before being ushered upstairs for the event. Gill signed us up for the cocktail masterclass at 8:15pm before we signed in. After paying our £20 we received a beautiful silver envelope, and inside was our voucher for a free cocktail and our free vice lipstick.

Of course, only owning two Urban decay pieces (Both of which are eye palettes) I was overwhelmed at the variety of make-up they had out on display all of which you were allowed to experiment with, swatch, try out or have one of the Urban Decay Artists plaster on your face. Tables absolutely covered in beautiful palettes, highlighters, blushers you name it!

The first big decision of the night came in choosing the Free Vice Lipstick…I had really not prepared for this! My eyes raked over all the different shades as the girls swatched them up and down their arms. I ended up panicking and went for what turned out to be the perfect shade for me, which was called Naked. The girls were really helpful in showing me each colour and shade, and also with advising on what one they thought would suit me best, especially with my pale skin.


After this it was time to have a better look at all the stalls and set-up Urban Decay had kindly laid out for everyone at the event. With brands such as Lusso Tan and Kiehl’s having mini stalls beside the bar we decided to head over there first. The guys on the Kiehl’s stall were an absolute delight! Not only were they really informative about the brand and the products but they also had a charity mystery dip in which you donated some cash and you got to put you hand in and pick out a product (all of which were individually wrapped). The minimum donation was only £1 and the products that you could win were absolutely fantastic! I won a mini bottle of Shampoo!

With demonstrations going on, we headed back to the bar so the girls could cash in their Free cocktail voucher and others could enter the Lucky dip and raffle. We then made our way over to the table laden with everything Urban Decay you could imagine and had a bit of fun testing out all the products! I’ll have to learn how to use the pure melt cleanse properly without dying of laughter!

After poking, prodding, swatching and covering ourselves with glitter and lip liners it was time for our cocktail masterclass! Here we learn how to make a mojito! Consisting of Rum, a lot of ice on Jen and I’s part, soda and a mint sprig! Again, as I was driving I didn’t get the chance to experience my first ever mojito but I had great fun learning how to make it and having a laugh with the girls.

Then it was back over to the make-up tables to sit down, relax, and have a quick catch up as well as experiment with the make-up and get some photos. After calling over one of the Urban Decay artists Gill decided to go for a bright green eye shadow look before challenging me to get a pink/purple look done. Gill reminded me so much of Poison Ivy when she was getting the green applied! For someone who admitted she never wears eyeshadow Gill actually really suited it!

It’s always a bit scary getting your make-up down blindly, as I didn’t get the chance to look in a mirror until the very end when it was finished. I didn’t get the greatest picture and it really does the look no justice at all, but I ended up really liking it! I must try and experiment with colours a bit more often rather than sticking to my nudes, golds and browns.

Overall I absolutely loved the event, even without getting around to see the demonstration part of the evening. The girls made me feel so welcome and I had a lot of laughs and met some amazing people. The club in itself was also very welcoming, we were taken care of throughout the evening, the music wasn’t too loud or overbearing, the drinks were lovely and the atmosphere was fantastic.

Thank you to all the blogger girls for just being amazing human beings and welcoming me with open arms. To Urban Decay for hosting a killer launch event and for being so inviting and excited that it was my first ever make up event! Lastly to Revoluncia de Cuba for your amazing service and the amazing atmosphere, the place looks absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to come back!

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