Tiny Treats: Malteaser Buns

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I absolutely love to bake when I get the chance which unfortunately isn’t very often. I usually have to get a whole free day and an empty house to even think about beginning to bake, as the kitchen usually ends up looking more so like a construction site than a baking heaven.

The amount of baking book ranging from cupcakes, to cookies, to treats, to cake to cake decorating is growing stupidly big and I am running out of room in my tiny bookcase to store them!

But back to the point in hand, I actually got a chance to bake last week for my manager’s birthday! She requested one thing in particular.

My famous Malteaser buns.

This is probably one of my favourite things to bake and it’s quick and easy to do. It is also probably one of the only recipes I know completely off by heart however I’m still working on the size proportion of them, as they change every time I make them, from thick to thin, to small to large.

I have shared my recipe a couple of times with friends, and it is easy enough to find one online as well but I thought I would officially put it up here on ย my blog in case any of you’s wanted to bake some.



8oz (226g) Dairy Milk Chocolate
4oz (113g) Margarine
8oz (15-17 Biscuits) Crushed Digestive Biscuits
3 Tablespoons Golden Syrup
2 Small boxes of Malteasers
1 Bar of baking chocolate

Baking Instructions:

1. Crush Digestive biscuits
2. Melt Margarine
3. Break up Dairy Milk chocolate into pieces and add to melted margarine and continue to melt in a bowl over hot water
4. Stir and add 3 tablespoons of golden syrup
5. Add in crushed digestive biscuits
6. Add in boxes of malteasers, keep stirring until most of the chocolate coating has come off the malteasers
7. Grease baking tray or line with baking Paper
8. Spoon in the mixture and flatten using back of spoon or the bottom of a cup
9. Place in fridge for 1 hour
10. Melt baking chocolate and pour over top of mixture, spread over top and into corners using knife or spoon
11. Place back in fridge for another hour
12. Cut and Serve

Poundland usually sells decorative bags for sweets or buns which I always pick up as they have a a nice design on them and there is 12 bags in a pack including bows to tie them. This just makes for nice presentation if I am ever giving them to a friend for a present or have been asked to wrap them up for someone. You can also buy these bags online! There are tons of different designs and are great for keeping the buns/treats fresh and it also makes sure they don’t get broken.

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