The Youtube Generation – My Top 5 Youtubers

Youtube is taking over the world, everything you could ever imagine is now available to watch, learn about, laugh at and experience. From silly cat videos, to deep sea explorations, to normal people living their lives to make up tutorials. It has become an addiction and obsession. It is always the last thing I do before I go to bed, check through my subscriptions and sit up to all hours watching my favourite youtubers vlog, play games or make cakes!

I was once a youtuber, a very small scale one with my own channel dedicated to wrestling figure reviews, wrestling trips and the occasional vlog. I’ve only started recently getting back into it after taking a break for a couple of years and I thought it would be cool to share some of my favourite youtubers that I love to watch!

My list of five is quite varied with a mixture of styles and youtubers, hopefully it gives you a little insight into my interests and allows you to discover some youtubers that you have never heard of!

1. Zoella (and MoreZoella)

With now over 10 million suppliers and one of the most influential women on youtube and in the UK, Zoella or Zoe Sugg is an inspiration and role model for a lot of young women. From beauty and make up tutorials to clothes and lifestyle hauls to vlogging her daily life, the now 27 year old has her own lifestyle products, cosmetic range and three best selling novels!

For me, Zoe has this amazing down to earth personality and way of life that it’s impossible not to like her. She always makes me laugh and though I envy her amazing make-up skills and some of the things she finds, she never fails to cheer me up. Her battles with anxiety and panic attacks and the way she is never afraid to speak out about something is inspiring and has helped not only me but millions of young girls battle their demons. Her antics with boyfriend Alfie, and her friends (her vlogs with Mark Ferris are unmissable, the tears are usually tripping me from laughing so much), and her variety of videos on both of her channels means that you are never lost for content.


This Irish family now living in London is one of my absolute favourite Youtube channels to watch. Vlogging every single day, this family consisting of Jonathon, Anna, Emilia, Eduardo and a new baby girl Alessia (Born 30th March!) have captured the hearts of many including mine. Not to forget the 6 Maltese’s!

From the birth of their children, to Christmas’ and birthdays, to talking about real life events, business propositions, eating disorders, life in the spotlight, miscarriages and so much more. I honestly wish this family lived down the street from me! Anna has her own channel at AnnaSaconne where every Wednesday she uploads a food diary, and will upload her own sit down and talk videos, workout videos and any hauls. There is also the Friendliest Friends channel which stars Johnathon, Emilia and Eduardo doing experiements and activites. It’s amazing how far they have come, and it still intrigues me how invested you can become in just a normal families life!

3. Lomadia

Lomadia a.k.a Hannah From the Yogscast is a youtube gamer, most of her videos will be walkthroughs of the latest games, previews of mobile app games and more. Hannah always makes me laugh no matter what, her in game commentary during her playthroughs are hilarious and even though I may not particularly end up buying the game, or playing it myself Hannah’s walkthroughs give you a sense that you are there with her. I have cried with her when she’s been playing Last of Us, laughed my head  off as she’s been in game driving or shooting enemies in Far Cry 3 all whilst shouting “BITCHES” at them.

She does the odd vlog and streams regularly on her twitch, where sometimes Libby (The Cat) will make the odd appearance. Whenever I’m feeling down I can always count on Hannah to have me snorting in laughter, face palming or shouting at my screen. If you are looking for an entertaining, knowledgable and amazing Gaming you tuber, definitely go check out her channel!

4. Nerdy Nummies

I couldn’t have my top 5 youtube channels and not have at least one baking channel in there! NerdyNummies has to be one of my favourite baking channels of all time (Other than The Great British Bakeoff) Rosanna or Ro has a infectious personality and she makes some amazing treats! From Game of Thrones Cakes, to Super Mario cookies the possibilities are endless. As much as I would love to try and recreate most of her recipes (which are easy to follow) some of the ingredients are hard to find in the UK which is a shame. Not only does Ro create awesome baking tutorials but she has a taste test series where her and a friend or other youtuber, will be blindfolded and have to guess the flavour of the item they are tasting! It isn’t all nice flavours however, usually there will be a weird and wonderful flavour thrown in to throw them off.

If you are looking to make your mouth water, or your slightly nerdy and want to impress by baking an equally nerdy cake, bun, cookie, cupcake or even a pie! Check out NerdyNummies!

5. Comic Trips

Last but not least is the best youtube channel you’ve never heard off! I only discovered comic trips at the end of 2015 start of 2016 after my friend Chris suggested it to me as I had started to invest in a couple of comics.

Comic Trips follows Husband Paul and Wife Kat as they search for collectibles,toys and comics from their childhood. As well as picking up some new stuff, Paul and Kat take us with them on Road-trips and show us their hauls, introduce us to their local comic book stores, and their favourite comic book stores.

The banter between the two is second to none and they never fail to make me smile or laugh! If you love Comics, collecting, collectibles or just want a blast from your past, definitely check out this duo!

Though these are my top 5, there are a lot of other you tubers that definitely deserve a mention!:

• Katie Snooks
• PointlessBlog
• Sprinkle Of Glitter/Sprinkle of Chatter
• Hatfilms
• Yogscast
• CarlieStylez
• Yogscast Martyn/InTheLittleWood
• ThatcherJoe

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