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I was a little nervous once I restarted my blog. I had never really interacted with the blogging community before, I was much more comfortable in my YouTube setting where I could read and reply to comments and shoutout some other YouTubers on camera.

I suppose it’s not that much different when blogging but it just seems so much scarier! Before I jumped head first into this I decided to spend a month or two checking out all the other amazing bloggers in Belfast and Northern Ireland. I never realised how large the community is or how many bloggers there are on this little Island.

When I was looking for lists of these bloggers it was actually quite hard to come by one that listed a good range, so that’s why I decided to make this list so that I could keep updating it and maybe one day, for someone who is just starting up their first blog and wants to have a look at this amazing community that they could easily find a whole list of amazing people!

If you want some inspiration check out the following bloggers I have been following!

The Style Guide Blog

The World of Kitsch

Life at the Little Wood

Linds Liked That

The Bowtie Blogger

The Village Girl Blog

Eyeliner Flicks

Georges Girl

Little Luxuries by Lynsey

Lauren The Daydreamer




The Real Elle Woods

Kirstyn Higginson

Forever Scarlet

Hello Sara Lou

Always Unique Never Ordinary

Pale Girl Rambling

Bare Beauty NI

Day Dreaming Foodie

Nutrition in 5

Jan Mary


A Day in the Life of a Mum of 6


Katie Andrew

Katy Belle

Scientist In The City

Canines and Cosmetics

Lauren Catherine

The Burning Wick 

Charlotte’s Make Up Blog

Glow Geek Blog

Passion and Preening

Jennifer Hughes

Sarah Louise Writes

All things beautifully made

Dotty Diamond

Fabulous and Something

Style Me With Love

Belle of Belfast

Shiv On Style

Hannah Chambers

Oh So Femme

Elaines Roves and Troves

Olivia Marija

Henna Thome

Heads and Threads

Laura Kennedy Stretton

Jennas Life with her boys

India Lee Reed

Danielle Donohoe

Dirttwo diamonds

Life With Christine

So Simply Lou

Dream DIY

French Grey Lifestyle

Dibney Cottage

These are only some of the amazing bloggers out there, If I have missed you out I’m so sorry! I’m still finding my way around and maybe just have reached your blog yet! As I continue to marvel at all these amazing blogs and post I will regularly update this list with any other blogs I may find on my way!

Don’t forget about the #NIBloggers and #BelfastBloggers tag and accounts on Twitter!

Do you have a blog? Leave a link below! I would love to have a nosey!

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  1. Hi – another N I blogger here! Been blogging for 10 years but haven’t really connected with many local bloggers. My blog has evolved from being about family life to more photography / home decor / few recipes – primarily a daily photo blog at the moment. Must check out some more on the list, thanks

  2. Haley says:

    Hey, nice blog post.
    I write a blog all about nutrition. I’m a qualified Nutritionist with a passion for solid nutrition advice and tasty recipes. My blog is

  3. Nice list! And some I’ve not found yet 🙂 I’m an NI blogger based just outside Belfast! x

  4. Northern irish bloggers are on the rise! Im at haven’t been going that long but loads in the pipeline!

  5. Ahhh thankyou for this list!! I’m an NI blogger and have seriously struggled to find any local bloggers! Much appreciated! I hate to leave my link on people’s posts But you did ask! Im a beauty blogger
    PaleGirlRambling xo

    1. Over at

  6. You can find me at x

  7. I’m a blogger from Armagh but haven’t lived there for quite some time, though all my family are there. I’ve been living abroad – California, and now Paris, with plans to move back to Armagh in October. My blog documents my travels and my take on life in general. I’m not sure where I’ll take it when I move home, though I’m excited to see a strong NI blogging community. Called “We didn’t come here for the grass…” Thanks for this post and opportunity to connect with other bloggers.

  8. Hey! I’m judy and blog at French grey Lifestyle! Been going since 2014 or so, but hoping to get back into it on maternity leave! Xo

  9. What a fab list and definitely some lovely ladies I haven’t followed yet! Xx

    Laura @dibney_cottage_adventures

  10. Joanne says:

    Hi, I am a Northern Irish blogger. I started blogging 2 months ago while on maternity leave to try to keep me sane!

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