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The Wonder of Carlingford – Exploring Ireland

So my plans took a slight twist last weekend, instead of spending most of the day in Belfast with my best friend Stevie, we ended up on a road trip with his wonderful wife Mel to Dublin Airport. The weather was a mixture of sunshine and rain throughout most of the journey but all of our spirits were high, even poor Mel who had picked up the flu.

Usually my journeys down south mean Straight to Dublin only stopping at the Services when needed. I have never really truly explored Ireland even though it’s right on my doorstep. With this in mind Mel and Stevie had us stop off in Carlingford to stretch our legs and introduce me to this wonderful wee town.


Only in Ireland can it lash out of the heavens yet still be beautiful and sunny. The small streets and little shops that paved the way made this quaint little town even more welcoming, as we made our way up the hill I made sure to take it as much as I could. Stevie in particular when he visits Carlingford frequents an Antique shop and he couldn’t wait to show me!

It was one of the biggest Antique shops I had been in! It was filled to the brim with everything and anything you could imagine, from China, comics, war medals, swords, Knicks and knacks and so much more that I couldn’t capture on camera.

Walking back to the car we stumbled across a mini castle with a tunnel and had to stop off for some picture opportunities of both it and the street leading up to it!

Due to the rain and sunshine, a beautiful rainbow had formed straight across Carlingford Lough, but it didn’t last very long as the rain clouds and mist tumbled over the mountains.

Mel and Stevie had brought their new rescue dog Alfie along for the ride, a 11 month old Jack Russell/Chihuahua cross who was an absolute delight to travel with! Also I couldn’t not get some beautiful pictures of him (when he was standing still). I plan to do a blog post on him separately but I couldn’t resist.

I definitely plan to adventure Ireland a lot more this summer and take a lot more pictures!

Is there anywhere in Ireland that you would love to visit?

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