The Roisin Dubh Houseboat – Sallins, Co. Kildare

The Roisin Dubh Houseboat – Sallins, Co. Kildare

I always forget how beautiful Ireland is and how many hidden gems there are. One of the biggest gems I found this weekend in the form of a Houseboat in Sallins, Co. Kildare. I have never stayed on a boat let alone a houseboat, I didn’t even know there were any you could book as accommodation. 

 Roisin Dubh Houseboat

The Roisin Dubh Houseboat

The Roisin Dubh Houseboat was so beautiful and an absolute pleasure to stay in. Hosting up to 6 people there are two bedrooms both with double beds and a sofa bed which would also hold two. A fully functioning kitchen and bathroom with hot water, heating and electricity this houseboat would be easily hospitable at any time of the year, even during the cold winter months. Though the boat was rocking slightly, never at any point did I feel it or notice it (Unless you were sitting looking out the window). 

 Roisin Dubh Houseboat Top Roisin Dubh Houseboat Living

With beautiful views up and down the canal, restaurants, bars and takeaways literally across the road and around the corner, we were never short for meals and somewhere to have a drink. The local pub across the road Lock 13 has a range of craft beers and local lager that you are able to try, with free samples to anyone staying on the houseboat. Though I don’t drink, Stevie, Dave and Mel gave a huge thumbs up to the Helles Brew Lager and would highly recommend! Lock 13 also does food though I was unable to get the opportunity to eat there I heard nothing but good things from Stevie and Dave who went whilst Mel and I were at the Taylor Swift concert. 

 Lock 13 Bar Lock 13 Helles Brew

Digby Lock Tour

Right beside the houseboat was the Barge Trip! There are 3 different trips that you can book. We went for the Digby Lock Tour, which departed at 10am and lasted around 2.5 Hours. A leisurely cruise up and down the canal, stopping at an aqueduct and going in and out of a lock! The scenery and wildlife along this route is absolutely beautiful and you can sit either right at the front or right at the back of the boat as well as inside, where there is complimentary tea and coffee and a toilet on board. I would highly recommend this canal cruise, Ger was a delight to listen to and it was so interesting to be on the boat in the lock as we rose and fell with the water. 

 Digby Lock Cruise Stopped on Top of the Aquaduct Diby Lock Cruise Boat Coming into the lock

If you would like to know more about the Barge Trip or book it yourself you can find more information HERE 

Not too far away you have the Kildare Shopping Outlet, and Dublin is about a 40 minute drive as well. 

 Kildare Shopping Outlet

You can find out more about this stunning houseboat and it’s availability HERE or via HERE 




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