The Minion Movie | Review


This silly, laugh out loud endearing movie is definitely one I would recommend taking the kids to see or if you are a fan of the minions (doesn’t matter what age) it is also one you should go see! You’ll see why towards the end of the movie.

It follows the minions from the very beginning of their time as they try and find the biggest badess boss to server, their super villain master of sorts. The minions as always don’t change, they are adorable, silly, naive and at times hilarious throughout the movie. Who am I kidding they are always hilarious!

In particular we follow the path of three special minions:

Bob, Kevin and Stuart


As they volunteer to travel the world to find a new boss. They encounter challenges along the way as they travel to America and discover Villain-Con, hitchhiking with what seems to be a crazy family who turn out to be villains.

The headline event is a villainess by the name of SCARLETT OVERKILL! Whom the minions end up working for after accidentally winning a competition.


Their mission was plain and simple…

Scarlett wants the Queen of England’s jewels and the minions have to get them, or there will be no more minions.

Dun dun dunnnnnn

Meanwhile the other minions have adopted some abominable like snowman creatures as their new bosses and entertain them with shows, pamper them, and worship them. After accidentally, as it always is with the minions the head yeti is crushed by falling ice and the minions have to flee to find Kevin, Bob and Stuart in England.

The tables have turned and Kevin is now King of England after a certain series of hilarious events which I won’t spoil, but the three now have rule over the palace including some brilliant moments with the Queen’s Corgi’s, fire hydrants and more.

Though I loved the movie and had a good laugh, I still prefer the first two despicable me movies. I wish the minions had subtitles when they talked, even if they were silly but that’s really the only complaint I have. The movie was great and the story was easy to follow. Kids will love this! Our cinema screen was full and the laughter was contagious!!

I give it 4 Bananas out of 5!


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