The Little Printer that could! – HP Sprocket Review

I have so many pictures of my phone, it’s laughable. I just keep snapping and snapping until that dreaded YOU’RE OUT OF MEMORY STOP TAKING PHOTOS pops up on my scream. Many frustrated sighs and careful deliberation on which photos I could maybe delete and not regret instantly and I’m back to hitting that button, capturing every single memory and moment I can.

Usually these all just get transferred onto the computer, placed in a folder and hidden away until I stumble upon them whilst either clearing up my folders or when I specifically need a certain image (which is usually a last-minute panic). The odd time I’ll get sentimental and look on groupon for a photo print deal so that I can get a bunch of them printed and put into a photo album, that I can look through in many years to come.

However last Christmas my mum bought me the perfect alternative to this and honestly, I just want to show it off! It is coming into the season where the leaves are falling, Halloween costumes are being put together and the nights start getting darker, and that twinkling present giving season is starting to approach quicker than we thought. A perfect time to create lots of memories and take as many pictures as you can squeeze into the seemingly shorter days.

I introduce you to the HP Sprocket! This miniature photo printer that needs ZERO yes, I said ZERO ink is the perfect portable memory maker I have ever laid my eyes on, and it is absolute beautiful. I can easily throw this in my handbag, clutch, my freaking boot! It is so compact and doesn’t require any wires or buttons. All it needs is a little bit of Bluetooth and an app!

Ugh I cannot show enough love for my little sprocket! Downloading the app and allowing it to connect to any of your social media accounts take seconds, charging takes a little longer but it is worth it for the amount of battery power you get out of it! Quickly snap a photo through the app or pick one from your Instagram or photo gallery, and edit it to your heart’s desire with filters, stickers and frames available to personalise each image. You can even put text on them! Then all you need to do is hit print! This little printer does all the work and soon you’ll have you own miniature picture which you can either pin up, give to a friend or the paper is sticky back so you can make it into a sticker!

This is so handy for spontaneous moments out and about, for events and for collecting all those magical memories. I have started a scrapbook with my own sprocket images and even recently was able to use it to print out some images to stick on a personal creation which was later framed.

The little printer works of ZINC paper, which you can buy off Amazon with 20 sheets costing around £10-£15. The Sprocket itself was sold out for so long but is now available online at HP, Amazon and can be bought instore or ordered I believe in Curry’s as well! At only £99 I think this is just a brilliant gift, and it really is so useful. It comes in White (with a little bit of rose gold detailing) and black, and you can now get cases to protect them though mine has taken a battering and still looks absolutely brand new!

The paper is easy to place in with the top simply clicking off and a blue piece that stays at the bottom to alert you when you are completely out of paper. The app is also super easy to download and work and the quality even with zero ink is absolutely fantastic.

If you are struggling for gift ideas for family members or a cheeky little gift for yourself then I would highly recommend the HP Sprocket!


*All my own opinions, I was not paid or asked to do this review, I just really love the HP Sprocket and wanted to share my thoughts

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