The Jaunt App – How it’s going to make my travels easier

“A community driven app designed to get like-minded travellers to

collaborate on epic adventures around the globe”


When The Jaunt account started popping up on my twitter from RT’s and favourites I knew that I had to investigate. Even though designing an app for my final year project literally knocked the love of app hunting and developing clean out of me I was intrigued. A social travel app that would allow me to plan, book and plot my adventures as well as share them? Hook, Line and Sinker.

When it comes to travelling, I always have to be super organised, maybe even over organised some may say. I have only ever had one travel agent packaged holidays in my life to Las Vegas with family and it wasn’t the greatest experience. My forte comes from independently organising trips from the hotels, flights and travel to the areas, activities and what to do or see.

The Jaunt App though still in development looks like it may be the saviour to my organising madness. Currently preparing for a trip to Florida for a Girls’ holiday with one of my best friends, I have collected up e-mails, print outs, notifications on my phone and god knows what else. I have scribbled down addresses of places I want to go to, and praying that Google maps will work in the hotel so I can see how to actually get there.

Jaunt created by Jordan Carroll a local lad from Co. Down will be one of its first in app developments for the local start up and one of the first that offers what it does. Through the app, you will be able to use maps to plan your journey and where you would like to go! Just like placing a marker on google maps! However, what happens when you don’t have internet connection or that handy Wi-Fi or data? Jaunt will allow you to download maps so that they are viewable offline! Hopefully this means that the markers and all information that you have placed on these will also transfer.

Just like twitter and most other social platforms and apps, you will be able to follow friends and share your travels and maps with them as well as see their maps and what travels they have been on. I am interested to see if there will be a privacy option for this tool so that not everyone can see where you have been travelling, possibly a public or private profile option or set so that only people you accept can see your maps.

Another tool that I am excited to see on this app is the planning tool! This will give you both flight and accommodation options meaning that this app can practically help you plan a whole trip! To have all this information in one place would make life a lot easier, and it would save be printing everything off numerous times and then losing those pieces of paper or having to bring them with me on my travels.

The app is still in development with an Indiegogo page where entrepreneurial projects come to life, where they are raising money to fund the development of the app. If you donate a certain amount just like on Kickstarter there are rewards or perks as such if you donate certain amounts, these can range from early access to the app, stickers, t-shirts, hoodies, exclusive access and more! You can find their Indiegogo page by clicking the image below!

If you want to have a little read yourself, The Jaunt app has its own website and blog, where Jordan the creator posts regularly to keep you up to date with how the process is going, the story behind Jaunt and the timeline they are hoping to work to.

If everything goes to plan, The Jaunt App should be coming to our app stores at the end of 2017, start of 2018, just in time for me to plan a road-trip across America!

Thanks to Jordan for allowing me to delve deeper into his creation and share my thoughts as well as nosy at the website and all the beautiful visuals of the wireframes and artwork.

I cannot wait to see what the app looks like and you’ll bet that I’ll be downloading it as soon as it becomes available! From One traveller to another, let all the journeys begin!

The Jaunt App Twitter 

The Jaunt Website

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