The H&M Leather Jacket that made me feel like a Badass

The H&M Leather Jacket that made me feel like a Badass

Ever since buying my brown New look Leather Jacket years and years ago I have longed to add more to my collection. I have also been longing to do some more fashion styles post and what better way to start them off than with this stunning Black leather jacket!

Strangely enough I got the inspiration for this kinda blog post and style from Taylor Swift’s new song “Are You Ready”. I had been listening to it on repeat and I just kept having this image of me in a leather jacket with heels and a baseball bat just being a badass!

Now if you know me, you know that I am the furthest thing from a badass! I wouldn’t say boo to a ghost, so I had no clue whether I would be able to pull this style off or not. Lucky enough the amazing Stevie (find his blog here) always instills so much confidence in me and was ever so patient and supportive.

We spent about an hour or two in a subway corridor in Carrickfergus and honestly the shots Stevie took are absolutely stunning! STEVIE YOU BABE!

The jacket was originally £49.99 but was down to £20 in the sale! It zips up diagonally at the front and is an extra small! The material on the inside is nice and smooth and a pale peach colour, and it also has a chain up where the label is at the back of the neck! It has two triangular flaps that can overlap and two pockets on the front along with zip and button detailing.


The Black Leather Jacket
H&M WAS £49.99 NOW £20


Wrestling Top (Big Ticket G Fitz)
Customised by myself £15


Black Leather Jeans/Leggings
Primark £12

Black Sequin High Heels
Everything a Fiver £5



2 thoughts on “The H&M Leather Jacket that made me feel like a Badass

  1. Wow! Those photos are beautiful. You’ve definitely convinced me to buy that jacket. Also please do more fashion posts.

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