The Harry Potter Primark Range and Why I need it all!

The Harry Potter Primark Range and Why I need it all!

Primark is just ticking all of my boxes at the moment. From great winter fashion pieces, to Disney items, Size 2 Women’s shoes, awesome PJ sets and Harry Potter items, I am surprised I have any money left in my bank account! Some Primark stores have a bigger selection than others, and even though we have a massive 3 floor one right in the centre of Belfast, I am much more comfortable with my little one floor Newtownards Store! I know where everything is and it is always in immaculate condition.

When Harry Potter items started popping up on my social media and the girls were talking about them in work I knew that I had to find it all right away! The first priority on my list…


Oh, my freakin word. Though I longed for the Marauders Map set, with the white and teal in my bedroom I thought it may clash slightly. I have regretted this decision ever since as I am now unable to find that set anywhere! However, this beautiful Hedwig duvet cover is just absolutely stunning and works so well with my colour scheme. It comes with the duvet cover which I got in a double bed size and some pillowcase covers. As I have four pillows on my bed, I ran out and bought some plain black pillow covers to match! I am so in love with this!


Though I had been searching for the ever-unobtainable letter cushion, I instead found this beautiful small square black pillow with gold/bronze detailing with the Hogwarts shield on the front. It was like it was meant to be! It complements the Hedwig duvet set and my black pillows perfectly and I have it showing loud and proud at the very front.

I found the letter cushion and it’s amazing!


My wonderful friend Stevie bought me these sneakily when we were shopping a couple of weeks ago and I am so in love. These are silk/cotton pj’s with a short sleeved button up top and shorts for the bottoms. This feels amazing against the skin and I adore the burgundy, white and gold colours. Another Marauders Map purchase and I love the way the design goes the whole way around the pj’s. I have never really had silk Pj’s before but these are to die for! Super soft, cool on the skin yet somehow keep you warm, sexy and just beautiful!

I also loved the attention to detail not only on the design, the pocket, the gold buttons but on the labels as well! Property of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy?! Yes please!

I also have another longer set of Pj’s with stripes PJ bottoms and a burgundy coloured short sleeved shirt. You can never have enough Harry Potter Nightwear!


For my birthday I was gifted these awesome harry potter socks, with burgundy, navy and gold accents I have loved wearing these and showing them off to my friends! Though my feet are tiny these fit perfectly (Size 3-8) and I love how themed them are!


I literally squealed when I opened this on my birthday! I had never seen it before and couldn’t get over how beautiful it was. It was like something I can imagine the students in Hogwarts carrying all of their spell books, parchment and quills in. The leather is just stunning and I love how simplistic it is with the embroidered Hogwarts emblem on the front and the two little pockets. Though it is a bit smaller than my usual handbag, it does have some generous space, a handle and of course a shoulder strap which you can lengthen and shorten to your preferred length. There is a little zip pocket inside and the two pockets on the front which are covered by the metal fastens.

These are only some of the pieces I have picked up but there is so much more available! I have spotted some awesome Jumpers and t-shirts recently, some beautiful dressing gown’s, fluffy pj’s and a lot more homeware accessories! I am always so excited to pop into Primark to see what they have and what I can buy. When it comes to Harry Potter for me there is no limit!

Have you picked up any Harry Potter Merchandise from Primark recently?

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