The B&M’s Candle Range

It’s coming up soon to a year since I ventured on my surprise trip to Boston and New Hampshire to surprise my pen pal and best friend for her birthday.

That also means it’s a year since I got to discover the wonders and mouth-watering scents of the Bath & Body Works Candles. Yankee just isn’t the same anymore. With Marshmallow mint and one of their Christmas specials of frosted cranberries being big hits back home as gifts I struggled to find candles to replace the hole left when these burnt to the bottom.

That was until I discovered these absolutely stunning replicas in B&M’s. The packaging and style reminded me so much of the Bath & Body Work Candles that I literally stopped in the aisle and just stared at these beauties before piling them into my already full arms. The tops are so shiny, and there are a few different designed ones! From my selection you can see the Maple Leaf silver lid and then there is the dotted bronze/rose gold lid which are just beautiful! Not only are the lids beautiful but this candles are two wicked! Double the awesome smells!

Gill from the wonderful Eyeliner Flicks has informed me that there is a beautiful Christmas range of these candles that is due to come out soon and if it’s anything like the autumn range that I’ve stockpiled up on then I absolutely cannot wait!

At only £3.99 these are an absolute bargain and a wonderful Christmas, birthday or home warming gift! I only picked up 3 (my little arms couldn’t carry many more) but they have a couple more in this range that are available.

Mahogany Apples
Ughhhh this smell is just my absolute fave! Pretty much it’s an apple smell but the only way I can describe it is that freshly cut up apple smell, like all of the apple juice just hitting your nose at once. Or like biting into a big juicy apple. It’s your typical fruity smell that is great for coming into the autumn months.

I’m sitting sniffing away at this candle trying to find a way to describe the smell. I’m getting some hints of cinnamon but it’s definitely reminding me of being outside, maybe in an orchard full of ripened fruit ready to be picked before winter and the frost rides on in. It’s got a little flowery scent as well but it’s definitely not as strong and I can’t place what kind of flower it may be. This is definitely a pick it up and smell it kinda candle, a surprise scent in a jar if you must! 

Marshmallow Fireside

This one smells like fire, like literal burning wood at a campsite fire with a hint of cinnamon just to make it smell a little nicer. I love a good fire, my Dad has a wood one at his house and I could honestly sit in front of it for hours and hours soaking in all the heat. I”m not really smelling any sweetness or marshmallow in this and then I had a thought…do marshmallows really smell of anything? A good strong autumn/winter candle contender though, for those cold and dark nights when you don’t want to go outside to sit around the campfire, you can have your own mini one instead!


Though my heart still yearns for Bath & Body Works to open a UK shop so I can buy all of the candles, these B&M alternatives have definitely won me over and I cannot wait to see their Christmas range!


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  1. I honestly can’t wait to stock up on these next week! Very excited about the Christmas range too ❤ thanks for alerting us lovely xx

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