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The Benefit MasterClass – Day To Evening Makeup

Benefit Masterclass Event

Last Thursday I was able to grab a ticket for a brilliant masterclass hosted by the Benebabes in Medicare Group Forestside.

The masterclass was based around using Benefit products to create a day time look which could easily be changed to a night time look with the simple addition of a few different products.

On arrival, I was introduced to the lovely Ellen, Nicole and Nicole who would be hosting the class. I was also provided with some sparkling strawberry water and a platter of cupcakes which were far too addictive! With Nicole as one of the models, Ellen took us through a really simple Day time look showcasing some of Benefits most popular products, starting with the eyebrows and finishing with the lips.

Day To Evening Make-Up

Ellen was super informative the whole way through and answered all questions that we had for her as she worked on certain aspects. From little tips such as always use your ring finger to apply any under-eye cream (they are apparently the most sensitive of all of your fingers) to how the Benebabes brow match by simply using the brush handle.

I learnt a lot about the benefit products and was extremely intrigued in both the colour matching and the brow matching aspects that Benefit offer. After finishing up the Day time look which was lovely and subtle and a great taster, Ellen only had to add a few more products to transform this look into an evening look!

From someone who feels that they need to bring a whole bag of make-up to add that little bit of oomph, Ellen showed me that really you only need a few extra bits on top of your day make up to really make a difference. Simple things like adding a little bit of contour, smoking out the eyes using one darker shade of shadow and a highlighter or metallic/glimmer shadow!

Nicole was a great model and the difference between the day and night make up was subtle yet completely changed her appearance.

Colour and Brow Matching

After the masterclass, I was able to be brow matched and I was also colour matched for foundation. After a lot of questions, I decided to splash out and purchase a few of the items, knowing that after my colour match that they were perfect and would be worth the purchase. On the night, they had an offer that if you bought two products then you received a goody bag.

In the goody bag, you received a mini version of the new BadGirl Bang Mascara, Mini 24-hour Brow Gel and a mini pore minimalizing pearl primer, as well as some samples and a complimentary beauty lesson.

We also received a complimentary £25 Gift Voucher for a full make-over  which was so  lovely and I cannot wait to see the girls and let them know how I’m getting on with my new products.

On the night, I purchased the Hello Flawless Foundation in shade Ivory (thanks to a colour match from the lovely Nicole), I also picked up the Pressed Powder, the ever famous Hoola Lite Bronzer and the Gel Infused Primer.

Benefit Matt Gel Poreless Primer Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation and Pressed Powder Benefit Hello Flawless Pressed Powder Benefit Hoola Lite Bronzer

Big thank you to all the girls who not only made the night so much fun, but were so patient with all of my questions and who’s customer service was second to none! Can’t wait to see you all soon for my make-over!

If you want to check out any of Benefits Products you can buy them online here!





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