That Goddamn Wrestling Bug

They say once you fall in love with something, you never really fall out of love
with it no matter the distance, the length of time or the changes that may happen.

Don’t worry I’m not talking about a broken heart or a boy.

Wrestling was a large part of my life for 5/6 years, WWE consumed my thoughts my daily life and my bank account. I made and lost friends, travelled to America twice to see the show of all shows, shouted and cheered till I was hoarse, amounted a large collection of t-shirts, belts, figures and DVD’s and much more.

Then one day it all just stopped, I stopped keeping up with the results, I stopped watching the shows and I stopped collecting. Whether it was because I was missing Wrestlemania that year or our group of friends were drifting apart, it was never really the same.

Cue 4 years later when I decided to go to an NXT show live in Belfast, something I had heard rumblings of being better than RAW and Smackdown, of better storylines and better wrestling. I was always a sucker for up and coming wrestling stars, Investing myself in NXT season 1 when it was mentors and trainees. AJ brooks with Primo, the creation of the Nexus. The show was one of the best I had seen in Belfast, the crowd was more mature so there was a lot more chanting and singing.

Little did I know that by going to one show, that I would be throwing myself back into the wonderful world of wrestling. Since that fateful night, not only have I tried my best to keep up to date with what is happening in the wrestling world, but I have also had the opportunity to attend two amazing Indy shows in Belfast. With hardly any indy shows available 6-8 years ago when I first got into WWE and wrestling, Northern Ireland and Ireland are now overrun with them which makes me so happy.

OTT @ Mandela Hall 5th February 2017

I had heard nothing but good things about Over the top wrestling and the shows it was putting on, and after the success of the WWE UK Tournament which saw a couple of local talent compete this meant that the event was even bigger than before. We were able to get VIP tickets for £25 which allowed us early access, a signing with a couple of the wrestlers including the wonderful WWE UK Champion Tyler Bate, Mark Haskins and Matt Riddle who I’d previously seen wrestle at Beyond Wrestling in Worchester, MA when I was over surprising my best friend.

We were also allowed access to the balcony which general access did not grant. Even though it meant that I wasn’t standing ringside, I was a lot more comfortable and was able to see everything rather than being crushed and stuck behind someone really tall.

The show itself was something else, the matches were all varied, the crowd was rowdy and hilarious. The wrestlers themselves were absolute stars and an absolute pleasure to watch. My throat was sore from shouting, my cheeks hurt from smiling and I left Mandela Hall wanting nothing more to walk back in and watch it all again.

OTT Scrappermania is heading back to Belfast on the 9th April and there are still tickets left!

Buy them here!

Uprising Wrestling @ Europa Hotel 5th March 2017

Uprising is a new wrestling school based in Belfast, and it announced it’s very first show not long after we had just seen OTT. We jumped at the chance to grab tickets at only £11 for general admission! Held in the grand ballroom at the Europa Hotel in Belfast, this was a great opportunity to familiarise ourselves with the local talent and for the wrestlers training there to showcase their skills, talent and characters.

This was more of a kid friendly show with some what we would called “marks” who ruined the show slightly for me with the irrelevant chanting and smart ass comments. Other than that for their first show Uprising definitely impressed with some amazing matches and twists throughout the night! I definitely have some wrestlers that I am keeping my eye on! I was nearly involved in the action too! The show was super interactive with the wrestlers feeding of the audience. After the show there was also a free meet and greet with most of the wrestlers which I thought was a lovely touch especially for the kids.

Uprising has announced their second show with some amazing matches in the works already, no date or location yet but if I find out I will definitely update this post!

With about 3 more indy shows planned and expanding my search to Dublin I can definitely say that I have been bit by the Wrestling bug again and I am loving every minute of it!

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