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Thanks to Groupon we had managed to pick up some tickets to go to Armagh Planetarium two Saturday’s ago on the 26th September. Having never been before and fascinated with the planets and stars I jumped at the chance to suggest that we should take the trip down, after all groupon was offering a great discount on tickets, and I was off work!

We made the trip from Lisburn to Armagh, and were immediately captivated by the shop as you entered, wanting to buy all the things. This included a space hopper, glow in the dark stars, aliens, rocks, fossils and some absolutely beautiful posters. We promised we would come back and have a better look after we had finished walking around and attending the shows we had booked.

There were some fascinating displays and some brilliant interactive parts of the planetarium. Of course we had to get the much needed picture in the spaceman wooden cutout, it was too much to resist.

P1000002 P1000001
Here are some pictures I took of the displays and photographs that were around the Planetarium.

P1000019 P1000016 P1000015 P1000014 P1000006 P1000007 P1000008 P1000011 P1000005 
We then moved into another room which had an interactive game on the floor. As a grown adult (just about) I was super excited and immediately was running about the floor squishing Darth Vaders face, walking and leaving my footprints on the moon, and trying to avoid lava. You could also borrow a pair of 3D glasses and see part of the exhibit come to life, craters of the moon stand out like you could touch them.

After we had wandered around a little it was time for the first show: Exploding Universe. I didn’t know what to expect with the shows at the planetarium as I had never been, but they were absolutely outstanding. You are led into a big room which is domed at the top, you sit down and then a brief health and safety talk is given. What is amazing is that there is a recline button on the chair, you are encouraged to push this and recline your chair back to get the best viewing experience! The show was awesome, it was played on the dome and it came across amazing, as well as educational.

We came out to have another look at some of the other exhibits that we had missed, and then went back in for the next show which was about Stargazing. I was super excited for this one, and it had a live speaker for it as well. She asked us questions and used a laser pen to point out constellations as well as giving us all the up to date information on what stars and planets you would be able to see in the night sky in September/October and coming up to the winter months.

The shows really were some of the highlights of the day. We only spent about 2/3 hours in the planetarium as we only booked in for the 2 shows but it was a brilliant experience. After leaving Dad and Jacqui in the cafe to get some coffee, my brother, Ellen and I looked around the shop deciding what we should buy. I ended up only buying a pen and some postcards but was very tempted by the glow in the dark stars and Galaxy posters.

We then made our way back to Lisburn to grab some dinner at Makhulu 5, which was absolutely lovely! I only went for the Vegetarian Pasta but they had a great selection, my dad even had a shark steak! :O

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Overall I had a brilliant day out and I would recommend going to visit the Armagh Planetarium. You can book online, and don’t forget to book in to see the shows!

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