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Seal Rescue Ireland: Sligo Release Day

As a lover of all animals I was absolutely honoured and extremely excited to be able to help out with Seal Rescue Ireland’s Seal Release in Sligo over the weekend. You may have read my Seal Release Ireland Post from last year (If Not CLICK HERE) where I visited the Sanctuary in Wexford and met all the rescued pups. I have been lucky enough to help out with a release before, again in Sligo but this time something felt different.

4 Grey Seal pups and a wee common pup all lined up ready to make their way home, and the absolute star of the show… Merida.

Merida found on Cross Beach in Co.Mayo was in a very worrying state. Entangled in fishing net which had deeply cut into her neck and degloved her front flipper. She was also terribly small at only 15kg. Seal Rescue Ireland gave this beautiful girl a second chance to live her life, and though her injuries meant that she would eventually lose an eye, I am extremely happy to report that she made a full recovery and was the first to make her way home when the cage doors opened on a windy day on a beach in Sligo. Within Minutes of entering the cold Irish water she had already caught a fish and was chowing down happily. Her companions Kovu, Daisy, Abu and Aladdin were a little slower to follow but eventually made their way out into the water and to their new life.

I managed to capture some photos and thought I would share them:

Thank you to Seal Rescue Ireland for entrusting me to capture some wonderful memories of the 5 pups on their release day.

If you are interested in volunteering, visiting the sanctuary, adopting a seal or helping with beach clear up’s and more please visit the Seal Rescue Ireland Website were you will be able to find answers to all your questions.

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