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My Childhood Favourites: Re-Collecting Disney

I’m a Disney girl and I’m not afraid to scream that from the roof tops.

As a kid I had as many Disney VHS’ as my parents would let me have, though much to now 24 year old Hayley they were all given away or sold as it seems I was a big scaredy cat and cried every time the villain made an appearance. Though this still breaks my heart, it seems that Disney always lived on inside of me and as I grew older I continued to collect the DVD’s, and any other collectibles I could find.

Now 24 Years old, I armed myself with a full list of every movie Disney has produced and have set myself out to buy them all!

Wouldn’t it be my luck that Tesco and Asda currently have offers on all of their Disney DVD’s! With 2 for £12 (or £7 each) and the odd 2 for £10 I was in Disney heaven! Most of the originals you can now find with new holographic sleeves with the main characters centred on the front and I’m completely and utterly in love! (Though I won’t be trying to complete these sleeves)

The collection is coming on well and thanks to these amazing offers I’m sure I’ll have it complete in no time!

What is your favourite Disney DVD?

Fun Facts:

  1. My Favourite Disney movie when I’m sick is Ratatouille
  2. My most watched Disney movie as a child was The Jungle Book
  3. My favourite new animation Disney movie is Tangled
  4. If I could be any princess I would want to be either Rapunzel or Tinkerbell
  5. I usually cry at every single Disney movie (Goddamit feelings)
  6. My Pet rabbit was named Thumper after the rabbit in Bambi
  7. People say I am most like Joy (Inside Out), Dug (Up) and Anna (Frozen)
  8. I have an Anna outfit which I bought to dress up for a 2nd Birthday Party

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