Primark’s Kids Shoe’s – Finding the Perfect Ankle Boots

The Primark Kids Shoes shouldn’t be overlooked. Recently I’ve been on a bit of a shoe binge. With my feet only being a size 2/2.5 it is extremely difficult for me to find any shoes that will fit me.

This winter season in Primark spoilt us rotten for choice in…. the children’s section. Yes, you heard me right! The children’s shoe section. Though most of the shoes can be slightly childish, I was able to pick up 3 beautiful pairs of Ankle boots for around £12 each!



These tan pair go everywhere with me at the moment, matching nearly all of my outfits! They are so comfortable and I love the detailing of the zip and plait around the top. They have a good solid sole, and during the horrible weather let no water in.


These grey suede ankle boots are also beautiful. They go a little above the ankle and though it has taken me a little longer to break these ones in they have been so worth it! Again, the detailing on these are so beautiful!



Lastly, these beautiful burgundy ankle boots. The design and style of these are beautiful yet simplistic. With a suede front and leather crocodile patterned back, a gold and burgundy zip on each side and a thick black rubber sole these do not look like they should have been found in the children’s shoe section.

All 3 of these boots are so comfortable and so reasonably priced. So, if you have tiny feet like me and really struggle to find shoes or boots, please never overlook the kid’s shoe sections because sometimes you might find just what you are looking for!


Have you ever struggled with finding the right size, or like me the perfect set of shoes? Would you ever consider shopping in the kid’s section?



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