Primark Haul – Sale Bargains

Primark Haul – Sale Bargains

Primark has to be one of my favourite places to shop, not just for its bargains because I love a good bargain, but for its range and variety of clothing items, accessories, beauty and lifestyle pieces. I could happily just spend a couple of hours in Primark wandering around at my own pace and buying all the clothes, even though my wardrobes are absolutely bursting with them.

Recently my mum popped in and came home with about 12 pieces of clothing for me that she found in the sale! The dearest of these items? £5! You heard me right. We worked it out that for all the items that I kept which was 10 items it came to around £29 which is an absolute steal!

Unfortunately I have no one to take outfit photos for me so I’ve put together a little video with some funky music to show you everything I picked up! It’s been a while since I’ve filmed and edited a video so please forgive me >.<

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