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Paddy McGurgan Make-Up Lesson and Review


Firstly, thank you to my mum for getting me this as a graduation gift off treat ticket it was a lovely surprise!

The day started off with me being dropped into town by my Granda, making it in one piece to the Make-Up Pro store in Belfast. With no make-up on I shuffled into the store to be greeted immediately at the door by staff. The store wasn’t what I imagined it to be, stripped back to the the brick wall with the products in the middle and around the side, containing all the make-up you could ever imagine! From foundation to eyeshadow to lipstick to brushes, they practically had everything. I got the chance to have a look around the store as I waited for my make-up artist to finish with her appointment.

My make-up artist’s name was Ellen and she was absolutely lovely! I felt immediately comfortable as I sat down in front of the large mirror and set down my bag. The first part of the lesson included me showing her my make-up bag and the contents inside. I took her through my daily routine and the order in which I used the products and how I applied them. She listened intently only stopping me to ask questions. She then went to get some products around the store that she felt would match my skin tone and the make up look we were going for.

We started off with ‘ ‘ which was to be used to cleanse my face and remove any make-up. I had originally been using face wipes to remove my make-up, but was told that even though they are quick and easy to use, that they could be making my skin drier without removing all the make-up. Her point was proven when the cleanser was applied and two pads worth of make-up was removed. I couldn’t believe this as I had scrubbed my face the night before to make sure I wasn’t going in with any make-up on.

Then a moisturiser/foundation primer was applied to prepare my face for concealer and foundation. This was the same brand as the face cleanser.

Ellen took the time to explain each product, any alternatives, how it would benefit me and most importantly how I should apply it. She showed me all the different brushes and which ones were to be used with each product. This was one of the most important parts of the lesson for me as I have no clue what brushes are for which piece of make-up, I have probably been using them all wrong up until this point >.<

The second most important part of the lesson was learning how to properly apply and blend eye shadow and eyeliner. Ellen was extremely informative and was very happy to answer any questions I had. She made sure I understood what she was doing before moving on to the next part. She used some of the eye-shadow from the palette I had brought along which was the Little Mix set, and then used a matte shadow from the store to compliment it. She made everything look so simply and easy!

IMG_0270 (1)

After the lesson was finished Ellen then sat down beside me with a diagram and wrote down every single product, the order in which they were used and she even named the brushes and drew diagrams on the face to show how to apply certain products such as the bronzer, blusher and eye-shadow.


Overall I had an amazing experience! My make-up was beautiful and I cam out knowing a lot more and excited to put myself to the test. I would like to thank Ellen for doing an amazing job and not only for being so helpful and informative but for taking the time and patience to answer all my questions and for being a great teacher.

I ended up buying the face cleanser and moisturiser from the Make-Up Pro Store with some graduation money and a Real Techniques Blusher, Bronzer and powder brush.


(Balance Me Daily Essentials – Peach and White – Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm )
(Embryolisse Laboratories Lait-Creme Concentre – White and blue – Moisturiser and Foundation Primer)

I would definitely recommend this 1 hour make up lesson at Paddy McGurgans Make-Up Pro Store in Belfast, it was a brilliant experience and very informative, and I would love to go back again and learn more!!

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