Packing For Holidays – My Essentials

Packing For Holidays – My Essentials

It’s coming up to the holiday season, and this year for me it’s a wonderful 10 days in Florida with my Best Friend. Of course, we are mostly going for the theme parks and Harry Potter World but it will be nice to get some sun and have a bit of fun!

Since I’m somewhat over organised and already have my suitcase down and half packed I thought I would share some of my essentials, especially for a Florida holiday. This will be my 7th Time over, first time without my family, and first time in a hotel rather than a villa!

Firstly, a packing list! I’m a sucker for lists, and a packing list is extremely helpful when it comes to sorting out what you need to bring and what can be left at home. I try not to be too meticulous, however I have separated my list this year into 3 simple sections: Main Suitcase, Carry On and Travel Outfit

Main Suitcase Essentials

  1. Lots of Sun cream, After Sun and Cooling Mist

I know you can get this over in the many stores once you get over but I always prefer to bring my own, brands that I know won’t affect my sensitive skin and that I know I can trust. I burn extremely easily on my ears, shoulders and feet, so I usually need quite a high factor in sun cream. After Sun is always a must as well, it feels so nice to just slather it on after a long day in the parks or at the pool, to cool you down slightly and protect you on top of the sun cream protection. Lastly, we only really discovered this in the last couple of years and that is the Nivea Cooling Mist! We always used to buy the fans that squirt the water in the parks but your mostly just blowing warm air in your face and then attempting to cool down with Luke warm water.


  1. Plug Converters

Again, readily available over in the states but after travelling for most of the day sometimes you just want to get to the hotel and relax rather than worry about how you are going to charge your phone or electricals. Make sure you buy the US plug converters and not the European ones! It’s very easy to get them confused. Check the packaging and if you have them in the house check the back of the plug and you should see the worlds USA on the inside.


  1. Summer Clothing

It’s getting pretty hot in Florida at the moment especially around End of April to August. You may get the odd shower of rain (usually an hour a day) and if you head later on in June time, Hurricane season is usually around the corner. So, whilst I suggest packing summery clothes such as shorts, tank tops, bikinis, ankle socks etc. I would also suggest bringing a very light fold up coat (These can help on water rides) and a light cardigan for the evening times as the temperature will drop and even though it’s usually a lot warmer than back home, after being in the sun all day you definitely feel the chill.


  1. A good pair of trainers (and a spare)

I cannot stress enough how much walking you might do in a day, especially if you are planning to do the theme parks. Though it is always recommended that you take a break and stay out of the sun and off your feet for a while, when you are queueing and trying to get from one ride to another you don’t realise until you get back to your accommodation exactly how sore your feet can get. I had a couple of problems with my feet, including a very short Achilles tendon meaning foot cramps can sometimes be unbearable and if I walk too much or put too much pressure on my feet they swell up like tennis balls. So, for me an extremely good pair of padded trainers will be a life-saver for me! I found these amazing pair of memory form Sketchers in Sports Direct! They were also on sale!


Carry On Essentials

Your carry on is usually the easiest to pack and it’s the easiest list to write:

  1. Passport, Currency and Travel Documents
  2. Phone and Power banks to charge
  3. Notepad and Pen
  4. Snacks
  5. Ipod and earphones

I used to jam pack my carry on and half the things I packed I ended up not using which meant that it just took up unnecessary space. I now take advantage of the on-flight entertainment, watching movies and trying not to look at the travel map too much (It always seems to take forever).

Another tip I would give would be to pack a grip in your suitcase. I do this as I know I’ll probably buy a ton of souvenirs, gifts and collectibles for myself, and even if I don’t need the extra space that the grip provides there is always the comfort of knowing I can transfer clothes or other bits into my grip and use it as a carry o, as well as free up some room in my main suitcase.

Other than those main essentials I never try to stress too much, simple things like toiletries and food, even clothes I can always buy over there if I forget anything. The hotels are also super accommodating and most stores and supermarkets are open quite late. There is always the airport duty free as well.

These are only a couple of tips and essentials that I live by when going on holiday. Everyone is different and will have other ways of packing and making sure they have everything, but I hope my list has helped!

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