My European Travel Wish List

My European Travel List – The Top 5 Places I want to Visit

My European Travel List – The January blues are finally coming to an end, but the weather is still pretty chilly, the mornings are still dark and that longing for a holiday still rages inside. I’ve always loved travelling to the states, I think it is just that American calling that will always be inside of me that always draws me back to each new state. However, I have seen so many wonderful photos and stories of friends and bloggers travelling a little closer to home, especially in and around Europe! ­A Day in the life of a mum of six and PaleGirlRambling have some awesome lists and inspired me to do my own!

I still can’t believe I have never really travelled around Europe, it is right on our doorstep and more often than not the weekend break deals are cheaper that a jaunt over to London or down to Dublin for the weekend!

So here is my Top 5 European Trips I would love to take in the upcoming years!:

Krakow City View, My European Travel List


So many people I know have recently travelled to Krakow! My mum has been about 3 or 4 times and raves about it every single time she comes home! Not only is there a bit of sightseeing and some beautiful views but I hear that it is quite cheap and has some amazing shopping opportunities (Including a massive Sephora!). With my brother heading on placement this year, a Girl’s trip with my mum may be on the cards and this is very high on the list!

Amsterdam Canal View, My European Travel List


I still can’t believe I haven’t been to Amsterdam! Katy Belle’s blog post and Instagram is seriously making me question the decision as to why I haven’t ventured over! With a quick flight or a jaunt across on the boat there really is no excuses. It looks so photogenic with all of the bikes, the picturesque canals and of course all the little nooks and crannies! Again at such a cheap price I will definitely have to try and visit sooner rather than later

Beautiful Bay of Mykonos, Greece, My European Travel List

3.Greece (Mykonos)

I have seen so many beautiful pictures of Mykonos and after following zoella for so many years and watching some of their videos, I have to admit it really convinced me that I needed to visit this place. Though I’m not one for lying out in the sun, this is a place I think I could definitely get used to it! The culture seems so interesting and the sights and views look absolutely stunning. With it being a little more expensive, I definitely think I’m going to have a lot at this for maybe an Easter or spring break next year!

Sorrento Italy View, My European Travel List


I am a sucker for Italy, I don’t know whether I’ve been influenced by movies or again by Youtubers (SacconneJoly’s) and I know Wendie at Lurganista absolutely loved Sorrento! The sea, the sun and beautiful buildings along a Cliffside as well as a completely new language and culture! Yes Please!! This is again very high on my list and I would love to go with some of my friends and adventure around and take in the sun!

Rome Italy View, My European Travel List


My heart aches to visit this city! My mum has been and one of my friends just recently took a city break there and couldn’t sing enough praises! Ever since watching Lizzie Maguire The Movie when I was about 12, I have always wanted to go to the Coliseum, to see the Vatican and of course the leaning tower of Pisa! I also would love to learn Italian at some point in my life and where better than in the Italian Capital! I need to make this happen, I am already so disappointed that I haven’t already made the decision to visit!

Some of these are currently on my bucket list! Which can be found here!

Where in Europe would you like to travel to in the near future? Or is there anywhere you would suggest?

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