My Top 3 Favourite Primark Necklaces

My Top 3 Favourite Primark Necklaces

My top 3 Favourite Primark Necklaces! Every girl loves a piece of Jewellery! We grow up putting haribo rings on our fingers, making friendship bracelets and wearing a shark’s tooth on a leather necklace. Well at least I did (the shark tooth phase was strong).

Growing up being a slight tomboy I never really wore jewellery much. Most bracelets wouldn’t fit, most rings wouldn’t fit, and the only necklace I really wore every now and again was my nanny’s gold locket.

More recently with working a full-time job, with a smart causal dress code I decided to invest in some more pieces of jewellery to style up my outfits. As always Primark has been my knight in shining armour.

With really affordable and beautiful jewellery pieces I was treated to some stunning necklaces for Christmas which I had to show off.

With a range of styles and designs, I always tend to lean towards the more simplistic rather than the larger crazier designs.

Here are my 3 favourite Primark necklaces at the moment:

Close Up of Rose Gold necklace on Neck Rose Gold necklace sitting on neck

Looking down at Rose Gold Necklace on neck

-Rose Gold and Silver Diamante Circle | Sale Price: £2

I have been wearing this necklace a lot at the moment, it is so simple but with the silver diamante and the two half designs this adds a little bit of sparkle and sophistication to any outfit. The Rose gold/bronze colour is absolutely stunning and the matching chain is just the perfect length and provides enough slots so that you can position this perfectly.

Trying on Silver diamanté necklace Close Up of silver Diamante necklace Silver Diamante Necklace sitting on neck

-Silver Diamante sphere |Sale Price: £2

The sphere is quite small, and covered in pieces of diamante which give it that extra sparkle. The chain is silver and again is easy to adjust.

Garnet Necklace Close Up Garnet Necklace Sitting on Neck

Smiling with Garnet Necklace on

– Garnet Choker Necklace | RRP: £4

My mum surprised me with this beautiful choker style necklace with my birth stone in the middle. It has a beautiful silver chain and the birth stone is encased at the front in a silver frame of sorts.

Do you have any Primark jewellery? What is your favourite piece?

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