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My Ice Hockey Bucket-List

I am an avid follower of ice hockey, and after 2 seasons here in Belfast, only missing 3 home games overall over those 2 seasons, it is safe to say I’m hooked.

Earlier in the week I posted my main bucket-list with all the things I wanted to achieve in life, places I wanted to visit etc. However I thought Ice Hockey deserved a bucket-list by itself as there are so many ice hockey related things that I want to do and be able to experience within my lifetime.

Here is the list below:
(Ones I have ticked off are in Teal)

  1. Attend EIHL Playoff Weekend
  2. Attend a NHL Playoff Game
  3. Obtain a game match puck 
  4. Watch the Belfast Giants win the League/Challenge Cup/Playoffs
  5. Attend an NHL Game
  6. Attend an AHL Game
  7. Own an NHL Jersey
  8. Obtain an NHL Match Puck
  9. Win a shirt of the back
  10. Attend a testimonial
  11. Be a season ticket holder
  12. See the Stanley Cup
  13. Buy Ice Skates/ Learn to Skate
  14. Hold the Monteith Bowl (Monty)
  15. Volunteer with the Belfast Giants
  16. Skate in The Odyssey Arena
  17. Attend an Olympic Ice Hockey Game
  18. Meet The Pittsburgh Penguins Team
  19. Go to an Away Game in the EIHL
  20. See Every NHL Team Play
  21. See Every EIHL Team Play in their own Arena
  22. Play in an ice hockey match

13/21 ticked off!!

Anyone else have an ice hockey or sport bucket list?

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