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My Favourite Christmas Baubles

­It’s the Chistmas season, the tree is decorated, the advent calendars are just the chocolately treat I’m looking for after a long day in work and the wrapping of all the presents has begun. Though I get super stressed heading anywhere near shopping centres in the month of December, I love the Christmas holiday and all that comes with it!

Last year I decided to buy my own Christmas tree for my room that I could decorate myself, with my own baubles and eventually take with me when I move out! It’s 7ft and thin so it fits perfectly in the middle of my room though I do have to manoeuvre myself around It in the mornings and hide the light cables under the rug so that I don’t trip.

I have picked up some beautiful baubles over the past year and I wanted to show off some of my favourites!


Do you have a favourite Christmas bauble or one that means a lot to you?

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