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My Daily Make-Up Routine

I’ll have to be very honest…I don’t know a lot about make-up. I don’t know about toning, serum, contouring, setting and what order I’m supposed to do all of this in! I didn’t really start wearing make-up till I started university so maybe around 19/20 years old? Practically I’m a make-up virgin of sorts.

It’s a learning curve, I’m slowly getting the hang of what brushes I should be using and what make up works best with my skin. I know with practice and experimentation that I’ll continue learning and for once be pretty happy with how my make-up looks!

My morning routine is usually pretty rushed and pretty simple, but I think it works as a nice everyday make up look which lasts throughout the day (Par on my forehead at the moment which is a greasy/oily black hole)


  1. Collection Primed & Ready Primer

First things first for me would be a slather of Collection illuminating primer to act as a nice base. This primer is definitely one of my favourites at the moment, it really refreshes my face and gives me a subtle glow as well as smelling nice and being super easy to apply.


  1. Rimmel Colour Match Perfection SPF20 Foundation (Shade 100 Ivory)

I’ve been trying out some new foundations lately, and I still don’t feel like I’ve found the perfect one. I remember trying out Rimmel before and never having a problem with it so I thought I would try out the Colour Matching in their lightest shade. Though I’m not as fond of the perfume scent on the Rimmel foundations I do feel that it gives me a good coverage and it has never caused any break-outs or irritation. Using the Real Techniques foundation brush makes this process so much easier and I am able to buff it into my skin and down my neck.


  1. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

This is definitely one of my newer products and one of my ever-growing favourites. Just a simple swipe around my nose, T Zone, dotted under the eyes and onto any blemishes or spots. It also blends in well with my Rimmel foundation which is a bonus! It makes underneath my eyes look a lot more alert and brighter as well as hiding any of the imperfections. I swap between using my Real Techniques Concealer brush and my beauty sponge to blend this in


  1.  Collection Sheer Loose Powder

Again, I usually jump between two different setting powder’s, helping me to take the shine off my face and set my foundation I can’t fault either of these. The natural collection is a great drugstore alternative if you want to save a little money and I can’t tell the difference between that and my collection powder. Applied using my real techniques blusher brush or my Studio brush I just press and pat on top of my foundation to make sure I cover all areas needed.


  1. Revlon Vivid Baked Blusher (Shade Bang Bang You’re Dead)

I Have fallen back in love with this blusher after experimenting with different brands, shades and textures. I first saw this on a Zoella’s YouTube and fell in love with the design and look of it. Next thing I knew I was out picking it up and I haven’t looked back since. It is a bright pink colour, nice and highlighted and works quite well on paler skins. Though be careful not to over blush as I have done on so many occasions in the dark mornings when I don’t have any natural light to work off. Using my Real Techniques blusher brush I give this a quick sweep over the apples of my cheeks up towards my ear.


  1. Collection Primed & Ready Eye primer

Straight onto the eye primer next for me, again I use a collection illuminating eye primer to help prep my eyelids for any shadow or liner. You literally need the tiniest amount and then you’re ready to apply eyeshadow.


7. Eyeshadow

Depending on my mood this changes everyday, but my main 3 go to’s would be.

Next Palette (Gold’s and Browns, Shimmer)
W7  In The Nude Palette (Browns, Beiges, Browns and Golds)
W7 single eyeshadow (Brown/Bronze)

Using a range of different eyeshadow brushes, usually this is haphazardly put on in the morning and I find that it never really shifts or smudges.

8. Eye liner (Kat Von D Tattoo liner)

I have tried so many eye liners, and because of my lack of application and make-up skills I have given up on trying to perfect the flick especially at 7am in the morning. I always find that my eye liner smudges quite a lot, especially if I’m out and about. A couple of them have proved their worth but I’ve been amazed at the moment at the staying power of the Kat Von D Liner and have been using it every day since I picked it up!

9. Mascara Maybelline Lash Sensational

Lastly mascara. My go to has to be Maybelline Lash Sensational and yes I’ll hold my hands up and say that Zoella’s favourites video convinced me to pick this up though my better than sex mascara is pretty close at the top as well. A quick curl and then I apply this as well as put some liner on my bottom water line.

If I’m feeling a little crazy or I know I’m heading out after work, I sometimes highlight and contour but this is on the very rare occasion! For contour and highlight I use the Revolution palette and just a contour brush from Ciara Daly and a fan brush from B cosmetics, though I have been trying out some liquid and crayons highlight and contour products at the moment which has been super interesting!

Quick spritz of perfume and deodorant and that is me done!

A pretty simple and quick morning routine that is super easy especially when I’m still half asleep!

Do you have any go to products that you know you can always rely on and can use in a rush?

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