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My 5 Favourite Things I do to unwind

We all get that feeling whether it’s been from working all day, to not feeling well to everything going wrong when we just wanted it to go right. Working full time can be hard and though I love catching up with friends and try to make the most of my evenings and weekends, sometimes I’m just so tired that I have to call a time out and set aside some chill time for me and only me.

I had a good think about this the other day when I was literally unwinding over the weekend whilst still preparing myself for the new week, and I thought why not share my list of 5 things I like to do to unwind?

1. Gotta have a cuppa

A cup of tea is a must for me! Even just spending a couple of minutes trying to pick a mug from my large collection can help me relax (A girl can never have too many mugs). I’m a little naughty when it comes to a cuppa tea, while most will have a teaspoon of sugar I’ll have three. I know I know. Very naughty. I am also a Hot water before Milk kind of tea girl, even though my mum always puts the milk in first. To accompany this wonderfully sweet tea isn’t another sweet treat of either a kit kat or a strawberry jam tart <3

Look at this amazing Unicorn Mug I picked up in Asda for £3!

2. Making lists for the week ahead

This can sometimes seem the complete opposite of unwinding, but I love to make lists. I have lists of lists of future lists that were lists of lost lists. I can guarantee there are about 10 lists around my desk at the moment and half of them are probably the same. I love to be prepared, I even had my own hashtag ones of #massorganisation because I am so organised. Whether this is holiday planning lists, Disney dvd’s I need lists, Weekly lists or shopping lists. I always have a list somewhere. I have tried having apps on my phone for these lists but I always go back to good ol pen and paper. I think it’s the pleasure of scribbling out or ticking something you have done or completed. Such a sense of joy!

3. Sitting down with a good movie/TV programme or Book

Whether you’re like me and you just like to sit and watch through old episodes of friends, big bang theory or 2 Broke Girls or cry your way through the Disney DVD Collections or re-read Harry Potter for the 10th time, we all have those bits of entertainment that we love to just grab a blanket, put your cosiest slippers and onesie on, grab lots of snacks and of course a cup of tea and just sit down and forgot about the real world. Though most of the time I am singing along, reciting the lines or shouting at the TV when I know what is going to happen, sitting down and actually relaxing and unwinding with a movie/programme or book when you get the time is a fantastic way to chill.

4. Play a Video or Computer Game

Again another one that could be considered more stressful than relaxing, but I love it when I’m able to get an hour or two on the Xbox or Computer to play my favourite games! At the moment I am obsessed with Overwatch and even though this is a combat/shooter game the artwork and characters make this such an enjoyable and addictive game.

They currently have an Uprising mode which I have been constantly on as it is so hard to beat, but once you do it’s an amazing feeling!

Other games that I love at the moment would have to be old school Sims 2, Crash Bandicoot, Banjo Kazooie and I’m near to completing an old PS2 game called Dog’s life at the moment! I love the feeling when I collect everything on the level, though I’ve never completed a game 100% it is something I’m definitely working on now.

5. Go exploring and get some fresh air (Weather Dependant)

It is always nice when it’s a dry night and still light outside to go out for a walk around the neighbourhood, on a drive or even out to your own back garden to get some much needed fresh air to clear your head.

At the moment I have loved going out in the evenings after dinner just into my back garden and watering my newly planted bulb and seeds. I am also going to invest in some bird feeders and houses as we have had a couple of incidents with birds flying into the windows (Ouch!).

There are so many different ways to Unwind, definitely way too many to list. These are my top 5 for the moment but depending on the weather/season, mood and how much time I have this can definitely vary.

What is your favourite way to unwind?

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