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Comparison: Stealing souls and breaking confidence

Comparison. I have been thinking about this topic on and off the past while and though I have everything I want to say in my brain, every time I sit down to type it out I never really know what to say.

Stealing Souls and Breaking Confidence

It’s a strange thing, something that is a constant niggle, a constant hurdle. This doesn’t apply to just the blogging world but in every kind of world. The way you look, someone else’s success or how quickly they are achieving their goals or improving their skills.

Me Laughing in a Doorway

As I have got older, I have found it is a lot easier to compare yourself to others in every aspect of your life. It is a constant struggle. Thanks to my amazing set of friends, I am constantly reminded of my achievements, praised , challenged to try new things, push myself and at the end of the day just be myself and enjoy life.

Never give up

I always try. That’s the most important thing, not giving up. My parents always provided me with the guidance that I was to try my best at everything I pursued. Not to be the best, as I was never really a competitor (unless it was on a video game) I just wanted to have fun. That is something I need to revisit and apply to my adult life.

Me standing in front of a wall in Moneyreagh

If I was the best at everything I did then life would be pretty boring and I wouldn’t have the journey of improving and learning. Though I am envious at how amazing some people are, and how I could be more like them, I’ve realised that I don’t want to be them. I want to be me. You never know they may be looking at you and comparing themselves to certain aspects of your image, your personality or your life.

Good for her!

It’s hard not to compare yourself, I think it’s a natural reaction, built into our genes. My mum always makes me laugh about it. If anyone remembers the Cereal advert where the teenage girl goes on and on about “Sarah’s Mum” and everything she does, and her mum ends up just going “Good for her!”. This is something my mum says all the time if I’m ranting or comparing myself to someone. Plus, she always does it in a funny voice, or makes a funny face which always makes me smile.

Me standing in front of decorated gates in Derry/Londonderry

So even if comparison is a soul sucking, confidence breaking little devil in some ways, in other ways it pushes you to make changes, to work harder and sometimes it can even save you.

Your amazing just the way you are

If your comparing yourself to someone today and not in a good way, just remember in the words of Bruno Mars that I think you are amazing just the way you are! Please never change.

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