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Having a Hoot of a Time – World of Owls, Randalstown

The one day I wanted to go out an adventure and the rain just wouldn’t let up! It didn’t stop me from persuading my dad to drive me all the way to Randalstown to visit the wonderful World of Owls Animal Sanctuary!

Friends of mine had gone the day before and could not praise it enough, so the decision to go down rain or sunshine wasn’t a hard one.

The admission was only £5.50! All of the money whether through donation, admission, sponsoring any of the animals/birds or through the gift shops goes directly to caring for the animals within the sanctuary as well as the maintenance of their habitats.

Thankfully when we arrived the rain had stopped, so I was able to use my larger Canon camera to take some up close shots of the Owls and other wildlife.

I had forgotten how much I loved owls…

We were also given the opportunity to stroke Harley a beautiful Eurasian Eagle Owl thanks to Shauna! Shauna is one of the volunteers who works at the sanctuary and she was able to tell us all about Harley and some of the other Owls at the Sanctuary. From their resident vulture who turns 51 this year! To one of their Barn Owls who was found in a shed covered in paint, oil and cigarette burns. Every Owl had a story and I learnt so much about all of the different species and how endangered each one is.

Not only do they have Owls, but they also host some Ducks, Chickens, Pheasents, Hawks and Eagles. They even have a reptile house inside with some snakes, lizards, spiders, fish and creepy crawlies!

You might also meet the resident dog’s Bella the Greyhound and Bear the Staffy, and the two naughty Macaw’s running the Gift Shop.

I can not praise the staff enough for going above and beyond for everyone visiting the sanctuary, we were warmly welcomed, and treated like royalty. From the encounters with the animals to the stories and how much care they took to make sure everyone was enjoying themselves.

I would definitely recommend visiting this beautiful sanctuary, all of their opening times and admission prices as well as any special events or fun days coming up can be found on their website or on their Social Media which I have linked below:

 World of Owls Website

  World of Owls Facebook

I will definitely be heading back to visit and take loads more photos, I may even Sponsor one of the Smaller Owls!

Do you have a favourite Owl? Or is there any animal sanctuary you would love to visit?


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