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Guernsey | Day 7 | Castle Cornet

5th August 2015
Cannon Goes Boom!

The penultimate day in Guernsey. Le sigh. It all flew it so quickly.

It started with an early wake up call of 8:30 so that I could be prepared for the three mini cousins to arrive for a day at Nannie Annie’s. Breakfast done and all changed the girls arrived in Elsa and Anna costumes and my heart just melted. Mine had unfortunately been packed away in the suitcase so I was unable to join in ๐Ÿ™ But I did sneaky some pictures of the girls as we played Restaurant in the living room.

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It was raining a bit today so we had to wait for it to clear up before we could head out for an adventure. Today’s adventure was to Castle Cornet!

Last time I was in Guernsey the Castle wasn’t open as it was out of season so I have never got to see around inside of it. The castle was huge on the inside with plenty of museums to visit and walk around, but our first visit was to the noon gun fire, which had scared the living daylights out of me on the Sunday when it went off as we were waiting for the boat over to Herm. I got ย a space right at the front as the girls and Auntie Anne went to the other side of the castle as the girls were a bit scared of the noise.

thumb_IMG_1211_1024 thumb_P8050162_1024 thumb_P8050157_1024

IT WAS SO SO LOUD! I jumped!ย 

After the Cannon Fire, which was right on the dot at 12. We walked over to see a little show about one of the Guernsey Ships and It’s Captain. Our Section died in the play, that scurvy, it killed us all. We visited a bunch of the museums within the castle itself as well as getting the chance to see one of the german bunkers within the castle overlooking the harbour:

thumb_IMG_1197_1024 thumb_IMG_1208_1024 thumb_P8050154_1024 thumb_P8050168_1024 thumb_P8050171_1024 thumb_P8050180_1024

The girls started to get restless so we headed back to the house to play a little more and relax before Auntie Anne had to head to work. I was dropped off to Cousin Dan’s house then with the girls were I continued to play games with them as I waited for Uncle William to pick me up.

Dinner tonight was Scampi, beans and chips. I then printed off my boarding passes and finished packing my suitcase before finishing my book and heading to bed.

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