Guernsey | Day 6 | Shop Till you Drop

Guernsey | Day 6 | Shop Till you Drop

4th August 2015
So many shops, so little time!

Another early wake up for me, but this time it was for a very good reason. To go shopping of course! There is certain timetables for the bus, and I wanted to make the most out of the day since my auntie and uncle were both working so I decided that I would get the 9:40 bus into town.

After grabbing some breakfast, only an apple this morning as there was no cereal or bread left to make anything else, I then grabbed my bag and a spare key to the house and made my way down to the “Bus Stop”.

Only…there aren’t very many bus stop signs in Guernsey, so instead of a sign at this bus stop it is just the word BUS written on the ground:


The buses in Guernsey are also only £1!! That’s right! £1

Once into town, it was time. There are lots of alleyways and streets filled with lots of different shops, from shops I recognised (Marks and Spencers, New Look), to antique stores, to guernsey goldsmiths and more.

thumb_IMG_1173_1024 thumb_IMG_1172_1024 thumb_IMG_1171_1024
After window shopping a little on the Saturday I had a feeling of what shops I wanted to visit. I started the day though by picking up some souvenirs for friends and family back home, as you always do when you are on holiday. Then it was into some of the little antique stores to see if I could find any nik naks or pretty things for a low price. I was hoping to find some Ice Hockey Gear in Sports Direct but they have discontinued it as Ice Hockey isn’t a sport in Guernsey as they are unable to play it as there are no rinks.

I popped into Costa Coffee half way through my day to re-feul and get some food as well as use the toilet, before heading off on my way again to visit some of the further away shops.


My favourite shop of the day had to be The Press Shop, it not only had some lovely souvenirs and lots of books, crafts and other bits and bobs to look through but it gave me some relief. How? Well let’s say at this point my feet were extremely sore from walking about so long in town, and there were no benches to sit on and I didn’t want to sit on the street, so when I was walking about The Press Shop there was a colouring competition! So I sat down and started colouring in! 😀

thumb_IMG_1180_1024 thumb_IMG_1181_1024 thumb_IMG_1179_1024
When I walked out my auntie had finished work and we just caught each other at the right time as The Press Shop is opposite her work. So we went and got a cup of tea at costa so I could rest my feet a little more and relax before we got the bus back home.

Dinner tonight was hand cooked by my Auntie and Uncle and it was a lovely Shepherd’s Pie with Green beans, and then for dessert a Blackberry and Apple Crumble which was just to die for!! After a long day of walking I headed up to bed straight after dinner, but here is a picture of all the bits and bobs I picked up for myself in town:


Shopping is hard work sometimes!

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