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Guernsey | Day 3 | Moulin Huet

1st August 2015
Let’s go to the beach

Had a bit of a lie in this day before having the usual breakfast, switching it up from shreddies to cheerios, which I would continue to eat every morning for the remainder of the holiday, with an apple of course.

Auntie Anne and I then went grocery shopping for bits and bobs in Marks and Sparks before popping into Guernsey Town for an hour to have a walk around. I had already decided to go into town for a full day on the Tuesday so we just had a look around. New look were having a sale so I ended up buying two pieces of clothing, which you can see below, and a wee watercolour greeting card from the church which was having an art exhibition:

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After popping back to the house quickly we packed up some beach bags and headed down to another beach this time by the name of Moulin Huet. This one was a bit harder to get to, but it meant it was much quieter and more secluded. It included treking down a hill and a lot of steps but the view alone was worth it. Auntie Anne and I set up camp as we waiting for my Cousin Dan, Kelly and the girls to arrive.

thumb_IMG_1015_1024 thumb_IMG_1022_1024 thumb_IMG_1030_1024
We stayed there for a couple of hours, and I even braved the ocean, putting my feet in for a while (this would be the first time in four years).


Lunch consisted of some tomato and feta pasta with a good old capri sun which brought back some childhood memories. The girls went body boarding and my auntie and cousin went swimming, whilst I relaxed in the sun and took in my surroundings.

thumb_P8010077_1024 thumb_IMG_1057_1024 
A couple of hours later it was time to head back home, and Auntie Anne, Uncle William and I decided we would head out into town for dinner. We booked a table in a lovely little Italian restaurant up one of the alley’s in the town called La Enterra. The meal was absolutely delicious, I ordered the classic Margherita  Pizza with a portion of Garlic bread, which I ended up having to get half of it boxed up because it was huge! It was a lovely evening and the customer service and food was just amazing, I would definitely recommend booking a table or popping in for dinner at it if you are ever in the area.

After dinner we ordered a taxi to take us home as the buses were no longer running at that time. This give us the opportunity to walk through the town and do some window shopping and noseying as all the shops were closed. I spotted some lovely shops and added them to my list to visit on Tuesday.

Another beach day, lots of sun, and a lovely Italian meal. You can’t get much better than that!

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