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Guernsey | Day 2 | Beach, Flowers, Views & Cousin Time

31st July 2015
Morning Time

I had wrote in my diary that, and I quote:

“Goddamn fly woke me up this morning”

thumb_IMG_0935_1024 thumb_IMG_0933_1024
So after being rudely awoken by a fly, in my awesome double bed may I add, I popped downstairs quickly and got some breakfast, consisting off some Shreddies with milk and just to be healthy a nice red apple, in which it took me nearly 20 minutes to peel. My auntie just laughed.

Auntie Anne then took me to one of the beaches on the island called Petit Bot (pronounced bow).

I had never been to any of the beaches before on Guernsey, possibly maybe when I was younger but I don’t remember them if I did. We managed to find a car parking space and make our way down. It was a bit stoney at the top with us both losing our footing a couple of times, but we finally found a spot to set up camp.

I’m not usually a beachy person but Guernsey beaches could definitely change my mind. The sun shone the whole time, so whilst Auntie Anne went for a swim in the ocean, I walked about with my camera and took some photos. The area was enclosed within cliffs, which made it that more beautiful and secluded.

thumb_P7310015_1024 thumb_P7310010_1024

After we had spent an hour or two just relaxing on the beach, I had to for the first time in a good year or so put sun lotion on!! We popped up to the wee cafe to grab a cup of tea and of course some ice-cream, because you can’t go to the beach on a nice sunny day and not somehow end up buying ice cream 😀



Lunch courtesy of Auntie Anne was Ham and Cheese Sandwiches on brown bread. She even convinced me to try some beetroot which my uncle had grown in his greenhouse/vegetable garden (I’m not a fan but I did try it, so points for me).

We then went to a place called the Candie Gardens. Unfortunately it wasn’t a garden made out of candy sweets, or a sweet shop but a beautiful enclosed garden area with lots of beautiful flowers and views of the harbour.


thumb_P7310029_1024 thumb_P7310038_1024 thumb_IMG_0952_1024

After the quick stop off at Candie Gardens, we then headed to the Cotils I think it is called, may need my Auntie to confirm that spelling. Here I walked around the grounds as my auntie had to go to a meeting on the premises. There was a beautiful view of the sea with the boats coming in an out and I was able to just sit and relax whilst I waited for my Uncle to come pick me up. Here are a view pictures I took whilst I was wandering:

thumb_IMG_0970_1024 thumb_P7310046_1024 thumb_P7310057_1024

My Uncle William then picked me up and took me to see my Cousin Dan along with his wife and three daughters. When I arrived I handed out presents and then ran about after the three girls whilst we played in the back garden. They convinced me to do a cartwheel which went surprisingly well after not doing on in about 6-7 years. The adults ordered in some Chinese for dinner and I had some lovely spare ribs!

The kids then put on a performance for us later in the evening, with tickets, and seats, and lots of singing and dancing. A perfect ending to the evening!

thumb_IMG_0986_1024 thumb_IMG_0988_1024 thumb_IMG_0996_1024
(Bonus Picture. This is what is known as the Pipe Bridge in Guernsey. It’s a temporary piping system as they are working on the main one connecting to the sea. The joke was that this was Guernsey’s newest McDonalds Drive Thru)


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