Guernsey | Day 1 | Travel Day

Guernsey | Day 1 | Travel Day

30th July 2015

And so my day began with a wake up call, fresh pancakes from the bakery and an early trip to George Best City Airport to start my day of travelling to Guernsey where I would be spending a week with my Auntie and Uncle who live on the Island situated between England and France.

My Dad kindly drove me down to the airport, where we expected there would be a lot of traffic there was none so I ended up getting to the airport two hours early instead of the usual one hour early to check in and make it through security. Great for an anxious flyer….more waiting.

I always joke that I am a jinx for any flight especially those flights with a certain Airline company, as they have always been delayed or cancelled. No different this time, my first flight of the day was delayed by around 2 hours to Birmingham due to technical difficulties.


Luckily I had packed sweets and snacks at the top of my suitcase (not wanting to pay some of the prices in duty free) but there was nothing much I could do entertainment wise without wasting the battery on my phone which I knew I would need later on. Finally we boarded the plane, only to find there were 6 young children, what I thought would be a relaxing flight turned out to be a long draining one, even with my headphones in. I was lucky enough when I made it to Birmingham to be fast tracked through security as I was a transfer passenger with a connecting flight.

Due to the delay this meant that my original 3 hour layover in Birmingham had been cut down to about an hour. I was able to grab some food and a drink and a nice comfy seat where I could watch the screen with all the departure information.

My bad luck continued when my flight from Birmingham to Guernsey suspiciously read 5 minutes till gate opens for half an hour with no sign of any gate number or announcement of a delay. When the gate number finally appeared and we were boarded, I found myself pleasantly surprised with a half empty flight and some of the comfiest airplane seats I have experienced! Plus some more leg room.


The sun was shining when I arrived in Guernsey, a nice change from the weather back home, and my auntie and uncle picked me up right outside the airport doors. I had just missed my Cousin and his family who headed back to London moments before I arrived in Guernsey.

I had forgotten just how beautiful the island was and how absolutely tiny the roads were! We finally arrived at the house and I was shown to my room. Usually I get the attic room but this time I got to stay in the spare room which has a double bed!! STARFISHHHHHHH!

The weather was so nice that evening that we all had a cup of tea outside in the garden, and I caught my auntie and uncle up on life back home and family back home.

My week of relaxation was just starting, and it was wonderful.

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