Graduation 2015 | My special day


First of all apologies for no blogs the past 2 weeks, it’s been pretty hectic and I have found I haven’t had much time to actually sit down and type out what has been happening in my life. This blogging business is a bit harder than I thought!

So yes! Friday 3rd July 2015 I officially graduated with a 2:1 in Interactive Multimedia design, accompanied with a diploma in professional practice and my edge award! I can’t believe that it’s all over, the 4 years flew in and it all ended within a couple of hours.

The weather was absolutely beautiful but a bit of a killer heat wise. I don’t handle heat very well so I was absolutely dreading putting on the heavy black robes and allowing myself to slowly melt throughout the ceremony, but it’s all part of the get-up and if it was raining it would have made it so much worse, so I shouldn’t really complain.

To be honest I was cacking it. Nearly asking my mum to pull over the car, not wanting to attend the ceremony. I am naturally a nervous person when it comes to large events or new places, suffering from anxiety and panic attacks in my earlier years of uni and when put under a lot of stress (something I am constantly working on to help me adapt more and to make myself more confident and adaptable).


It was quite funny putting on the robes and hat, you see them in pictures, in the movies, but you never quite imagine yourself wearing them. I of course ordered the smallest size in absolutely everything that I had to wear! The robes were massive and I had to get the hood of them pinned multiple times to help it sit perfectly. The hat actually fit pretty well and I kinda miss it, however my family got me a joke one which is just as hilarious.

Then it was photographs galore, first professional, and then many phones and cameras all pointing at my face. Stand here, Stand there, will you take one of her and I, Jump in there, No the lighting isn’t right, How do I use this camera? What felt like 200 photos later I got to go outside for some fresh air, before catching up with some Class mates, fixing their robes and hats, before being called in for Dress Rehearsal.

Dress Rehearsal was grand, we were shown our seats and how we would walk across the stage. Then it was the waiting game. I had been given cards throughout the day and had also brought a miniature fan and a large bag of sweeties as well as water (My row loved me for bringing sweets lol). I was so scared to leave my seat in case I chickened out and wouldn’t return.

The Ceremony began at 11am……the speeches nearly killed me. Apparently I was one of the easiest to spot because I was the only person sitting fanning myself. The heat was intense, I had to close my eyes and take deep breaths. I had been worried about the speeches, they were long and boring, and I felt were irrelevant, mostly about politics and news that did not apply to us. The only one I enjoyed was the honorary graduates in which she talked about football and gave us all a laugh.


The walking across the stage part was probably the easiest part of the day! You just had to avoid the wheelchair ramp 😛 Time went so slow and I was so scared of falling that by the time I had shook the vice’s hand and walked off stage to get my diploma, the next two students were already behind me!

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I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy to get out of a hall in my life! Then it was time to get more pictures taken with my family, and then I was handed a bottle of Champagne! Everything seemed to blur after that. My mum had me in the robes till the absolute last second that I could wear them, as mummy’s do and then it was a quick goodbye to Dad who was heading off to Boston the next day (Lucky duck!) and then off to lunch with my mum, brother and granda at Blue Chicago.

After a lovely meal at Blue Chicago with surprise Graduation balloons at my table and a well deserved cool drink, it was back home to relax for a while  before the next challenge of the day…

My Grade 4 Ice Skating test!


Ice Skating and Graduation in one day?! Oh my! I am happy to say though that even though my nerves were still shocked from the ceremony that I passed with flying colours 😀 I’ll make an ice hockey player out of me yet!

Thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes, who liked my photos, who sent cards and gifts. To my family for supporting me through the 4 years and sticking with me through the hard times, the extremely hard times, and when I was unbearable and a mess. To my classmates, to my best friends Hannah, Ashleigh and Dawn. To all my other friends who continue to inspire and support me (you know who you are), to the Belfast Giants for being a constant distraction ;), to auntie lynne for keeping me calm at the ceremony and being a friendly face, to Stevie and Mel I don’t know what I would do without you two,  keeping me sane at all times and putting up with me throughout it all. To my lecturers, My placement special mention to my manager Dawn who still continues to help me and push me to be my best at every opportunity, and my supervisor Marcus who continues to make me laugh and smile every time I visit.

Here’s to the next 4 years and what’s to come! Hopefully it’ll be pretty damn cool.

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