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Day 8 | Guernsey | My Last Day

6th August 2015
All the Goodbyes

My very last day in Guernsey. I can’t believe a week flew in so quickly! With my suitcase all packed, I decided to head into town quickly as I had forgotten a few bits and bobs, so I grabbed some quick breakfast, made sure I locked up and headed to get the bus for the last time.

I picked up some last minute souvenirs as well as some lovely flowers for my Auntie Anne to thank both her and my Uncle William for having me for a week, taking care of me and helping me to adventure around the island. My Uncle William then picked me up at the sea front to save me getting the bus back to the house and dropped me off at my Cousin Dan’s who was going to be taking me out for my last few hours on the island before my flight.

The first stop off was Pembroke beach for a nice tasty lunch. This beach was absolutely beautiful, and if you don’t believe me, here is the picture proof! I have never seen a sea that colour before!!


thumb_P8060186_1024 thumb_P8060188_1024 thumb_IMG_1241_1024 thumb_IMG_1250_1024
After we had finished lunch, the girls came down on the beach with me and helped me pick some small stones to bring home as souvenirs. Then we went to Anberra (Will have to check spelling of that) Park so the girls could let off some energy on the slides, swings and monkey bars. We then got some ice-cream, most of emily’s ended up on my jeans the mucky pup!

Cousin Dan then drove me around the island and we went to Pleinmont Point which had remnants of the German Bunkers and trenches. Here are some pictures I managed to snap below:

thumb_P8060191_1024 thumb_P8060194_1024 thumb_P8060200_1024 thumb_P8060206_1024 thumb_P8060208_1024 thumb_P8060210_1024 thumb_P8060198_1024 thumb_IMG_1264_1024
Then unfortunately it was time to head back to the house to get my suitcase and then head to the airport. The girls and Auntie Anne came with me to drop me off, and I got lots of hugs and had to hold back the tears as the girls begged that I stayed, asking me if I could not stay forever. Security went swimmingly but there was a slight delay on my flight from Guernsey – Jersey connecting to Birmingham, which set off my timing.

Whilst on the plane to Jersey (a 10 minute flight) I was able to help a business man complete a level on one of his ipad games which was the highlight of the trip back. I rushed through security at birmingham and ran to departures, only to find that just the same as the way over the screen had been displaying Gate open in 5 minutes for Belfast City for the past half an hour!!! Fly Be and all their delays as usual.

thumb_IMG_1268_1024 thumb_IMG_1275_1024

We finally boarded, there was what I like to call a demon child on the flight who refused to let go of his mother for take off and had to be bribed but continued to scream the whole plane down all of take off and 10 minutes before take off. I have never been so glad for earphones in my life.

It was nice to land in Belfast, but I miss Guernsey a lot. I was able to relax and find a lot of peace there. I didn’t have to worry about anything, I was eating more, I was outside and breathing a lot of fresh air, and there was hardly any signal meaning social media did not ruin my day.

Thank you to my auntie and uncle for having me for the week, I was so humbled by your kindness and your enthusiasmย to take me all around the island. To Cousin Dan, Kelly and the girls, I miss you all a lot and cannot wait to get back to see you all! Hope the girls are practicing their majorettes routines, and I’m sure they will all nearly be taller than me soon with bigger feet.

Guernsey I miss you! I’ll see you next year!

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