Guernsey | Day 5 | The Princess and The Little Chapel

Guernsey | Day 5 | The Princess and The Little Chapel

3rd August 2015
Do you want to see a chapel?

It was an early start to the day as the girls were supposed to be arriving to the house at around 10:30. So I was up for about 9am to prepare myself for the day ahead. What the girls didn’t know is that I had brought my Anna from Frozen dress and would be dressing up for them!


Whilst getting breakfast we got a phone call to say that they wouldn’t be up till 1:30. At this point I was already in the Anna Dress so I ended up just grabbing my book I had brought and sitting out in the sun room for an hour or two just reading.

It rained a little on this day but it was still quite warm sitting around the low 20’s. The girls arrived and it was awesome to see their faces when they saw me in the full dress with the plaits and make up on. I was treated like a princess the whole day, given a special seat and they brought everything to me!

thumb_IMG_1131_1024 thumb_IMG_1135_1024
When it stopped raining and cleared up a bit, my Auntie decided that we should go and visit the little chapel as I had never seen it before. The little chapel is the smallest chapel in the world and is made completely out of shells and broken crockery as you’ll see in the many pictures below. It was absolutely beautiful in real life and had two different levels. I had to take my dress off to visit it, but I was still made to sit in the queen’s throne (or what the girl’s called the queen’s throne).

thumb_P8030127_1024 thumb_IMG_1161_1024 thumb_IMG_1159_1024 thumb_IMG_1154_1024 thumb_P8030133_1024 thumb_P8030130_1024
After the quick visit to the chapel and some more play time back at the house it was time to drop the girls home for dinner. As for me, Uncle William made the dinner for us as Auntie Anne had to head out for dinner with her church group. Uncle William made a lovely tomato sauce to go with our Roast Chicken and rice we had purchased on the grocery shop earlier in the week. He even convinced me to try some green beans!!!

It was bed time for me then as I would be up early the next morning to go shopping in town so I wanted to well rested.

Princess Anna needs her beauty sleep after all 😉

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