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Guernsey | Day 4 | Herm Island

2nd August 2015
Island Ahoy!

A Sunday morning lie in was much needed as I would have a long day ahead of me. Rolling out of bed at 10am never felt better. Today’s adventure would take me off the island onto a different island! Crazy I know.

Beach bags packed and breakfast had, Uncle William and I jumped into the car and headed off to pick my Auntie up from church, before parking down at the harbour to catch the 12:15 ferry to Herm Island. Apparently I had done this trip before when I was one years old, but my memory is quite slack so I didn’t really remember much about it.

I’m not the best with boats or the rocking sensation they provide, so I was a little nervous, but it ended up being quite an enjoyable trip over to the island. We passed by the Royal Princess Cruise Liner on the way as well as some sailing and fishing boats!

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Once the ferry docked at Herm Island, Cousin Dan, Kelly and the girls were all waiting for us on the steps having arrived on the earlier boat that morning. We stopped off for some lunch first at The Mermaid Tavern, and I wish I would have had my camera out, because the size of the food portions was absolutely hilarious. I think one of them would have fed about 3 or 4 of us! I went for the Jumbo Sausages and chips, seeing as I’m not much of a sea food person. (The picture below is from google but it’s just to give you an idea of what this dish looked like)


We then checked out the wee toy and souvenir shop, were I picked up some herm souvenirs to bring home, and then it was time to make our way to the beach.

I wasn’t really pre-warned about how long it would take to get to said beach, but in my mind it felt like forever! It was reaching about 30 degrees Celsius at this point, for a Northern Ireland girl who doesn’t get to see the sun often let alone bask in it….IT WAS GODDAMN HOT!

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Luckily I had covered myself in Factor 50 so I knew I was well protected from the ball of lava in the sky. We finally arrived to a beautiful sandy beach with an open view of the sea, and I must say it was worth the killer walk. You don’t get beaches like this back home.


The girls went for a swim, as we set up camp and I took some pictures. We then started building some sand castles! The girls and I went on an adventure around the beach looking for all the shells we could find, with little Emily (the youngest of the three girls, only turning two at the end of this month) filling a bucket, and taking a fascinating interest in large rocks which she was unable to pick up.

Here’s some pictures of the fabulous sand castles the girls made and decorated!


The weather was pretty hot so I tried to stay on the move, collecting shells and I even made it down to the ocean again and stuck my feet in for a while to cool them down. Just to make you all a little more jealous here are some more pictures of the beautiful scenery and the sand 🙂


thumb_IMG_1080_1024 thumb_IMG_1081_1024 thumb_IMG_1089_1024 thumb_IMG_1091_1024 thumb_IMG_1106_1024 thumb_IMG_1108_1024


It was time for the even hotter trek back in the late afternoon sun to catch the last ferry back to Guernsey. Everyone was pretty tired, though my cousin did buy the girls and I an ice cream to keep us preoccupied on the walk back. I stuck to the front leading the way back, stopping in the shade whenever possible for a few minutes as we waited for the others to catch up.

Then it was the wait in the sun as the first boat load left and they brought in a second boat for the rest of us to board. The girls decided that we should sit up top which was open as there was no seats when they were coming over that morning.

thumb_IMG_1111_1024 thumb_IMG_1114_1024

After a little while up top we headed downstairs and inside to some cool air as we neared Guernsey. I had an absolute blast and managed to not get sunburnt which is always a plus. It was an amazing experience to see the island and visit some place new as well as spend time with the family 🙂 Unfortunately they took our tickets but I did manage to grab a photo of it before we left. Thanks to my Guernsey family for taking me over to Herm! Let’s do it again some time!



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