Clinton Cards: Beauty and The Beast Collection

With the new Beauty and the beast movie being released in the Cinema’s in March and due to be released on DVD and Blu-Ray any day now, more and more stores seem to be stocking every kind of merchandise relating to both the new and original Disney animation.

From the ever sought and usually sold out Chip mug (which I was able to pick up in Disneyland when I was holidaying in June) to homeware and clothing. It was only when passing Clinton Cards in Forestside Shopping Centre recently did I notice that they had a whole stand dedicated to the new live action movie and I was blown away by the selection.

Though there were so many beautiful products (if I had the money I would have bought them all!) I managed to pick up 3 pieces of the merchandise.


Beauty is found within Notepad – £7

This stunning notepad definitely caught my eye with it’s beautiful metallic print, the colours and the quote on the front. The only Beauty and the Beast branding is on the inside and I was also suprised by a gorgeous hidden mirror on the inside along with three beautiful ribbons for marking pages! Clinton’s don’t have any display items out so I had no clue what the notepad would be like inside so the mirror and ribbon are definitely bonus features! With plain pages and the logo in the top right hand corner, this would make a beautiful present for any disney fan, or for your child as the pages are big and un-lined!


Beauty and the Beast Tumbler Glasses (2 Set) – £12

I couldn’t pass on these absolutely gorgeous tumbler glasses! With two in the set one with Belle and the other with the beast I imagined these just sitting perfectly on the table during the summer months and warm days glistening in the sunlight. They are extremely delicate however so I would suggest if used to wash them by themselves and in luke warm water rather than piping hot! I thought this was a steal at £12!


Beauty and the Beast Rose Globe – £15

How could I resist something so reminiscent of the movie. A rose in a snow globe with a beautiful quote on the base…I’m sold! This was actually the only thing I was heading in to pick up! It is so beautifully made with just the perfect colours and amount of detail. I don’t know how long I sat at stared at it when I took it out of the box. This is an amazing merchandise piece and even though it isn’t the rose in the glass case, I definitely think this is a great secondary piece that again a disney fan would love and would look perfect sitting on a windowsill/shelf or mantlepiece.

From bags, to notepads, to picture frames, to tea pots and mugs Clinton Cards have definitely caught my attention and I will be back to look at all the other pieces I didn’t manage to pick up. What a beautiful set of merchandise!

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