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Clan Wars 22 Results, Ramada Hotel, Shawsbridge


So there was no blog post yesterday for a very good reason. I spent most of my day down at the Ramada Hotel, Shawsbridge watching the Clan Wars 22 show and cheering on the local talent and a friend I knew fighting.

Clan Wars is a local MMA promotion based in Belfast, that has 2 shows a year usually in October and June. It’s a great opportunity for fighters to show their talent and build up their skills and training. As well as the promotion for themselves and their club.

The event is top notch and there is never any issues or drama surrounding it. The process of queuing and getting your wristband as well as seating always runs smoothly (seating is first come first serve) and I have never had any problems. The event itself is entertaining, and you are always bound to see some excellent fights. All staff as well as ushers and security involved are extremely professional and friendly and as a spectator are great to have around.

Onto the fight card. Clan Wars 22 unfortunately had an injury plagued fight card with a lot of pull outs which is unfortunate, but these things can’t be helped, and the promotion was quick in obtaining new match up’s for fighters left without an opponent.

There were 14 matches on the card 13 of which were Amateur fights, but you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. The level and skills of the amateurs has risen so much and I was blown away by some of the matches and the fighters competing. Here are the results and some of my thoughts on them below, starting from the very first match up and ending with the pro fight:


Welterweight K1 Style
Stewart Kenny (CRFS) vs Darren Pop (IFS)
Winner: Stewart Kenny TKO 1st Round

It’s always great to experience different styles of MMA and learn more about them. I have only experienced one k1 fight before this and didn’t really understand the rules behind it. This match was fast paced, and there were a good amount of hits thrown, noticeable by the large gloves each competitor was wearing. A lot of stoppages and separation due to the clinch rule, but overall I really enjoyed this fight and it was a good one to start the show, really hyping up the crowd. Stewart Kenny with the TKO in the first round after a quick and great performance, will be interesting to see him in his first MMA match whenever that is.

Catchweight 68kg
Si Logue (NGNI) vs Keiron Cummins (D10 MMA)
Winner: Si Logue TKO 1st Round



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Si came bouncing out, I blinked and nearly missed him! Lots of energy and very quick on his feet. Another quick first round finish as Logue earned the TKO after a referee stoppage. Definitely one to look out for, he’s like a bullet! Nice win for NGNI. Keiron also came out fighting and I’ll be watching to see his next battle, was just a bit unlucky this time around.


Welterweight AM
Joe Armstrong (FAI) vs Sean McTasney (Kyoujin MMA)
Winner: Joe Armstrong via Unanimous Decision



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This was a good match, quite fast paced and entertaining with the two competitions trading a lot of punches, kicks, knees and clinches. Joe Armstrong just edged out Sean with it being 29-28 from all 3 judges but both put on a good show and there were some great moments.

Welterweight AM 
Michael Delaney (D10 MMA) vs Bartek Ciesluk (IFS)
Winner: Michael Delaney TKO 1st Round

Another quick paced match in which the fight ended within the first round. I missed getting any pictures or videos of this fight because I was concentrating too much >.< A TKO stoppage for Delaney which Bartek disagreed with, it seemed this fight had a bit of potential to be a good one and may have been stopped to early. Would like to see these two fight again to see if there was a possibility for another outcome.

 Lightweight AM 
Jordan Wylie (NGNI) vs Hugh Gleeson (Kokoro)
Winner: Hugh Gleeson via Unanimous Decision



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There was a little bit of a height difference in this match but this didn’t stop Jordan from bringin it to Kokoro’s Hugh Gleeson. Gleeson threw some big leg kicks that definitely landed and I believe Jordan received a cut around his eyebrow area. This was a good match and there were some good hits thrown by both that hit the target. However Hugh just edged out this match with his long legs, kicks and knees which is unfortunate for Wylie as I felt he put a lot of his heart into this match and it definitely showed, he will be one to watch out for in the next year or so, definitely a fighter.



Lightweight AM
Daniel Cairns (New Era MMA) vs Jonny Martin (ZKJ)
Winner: Draw


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In my opinion this was one of the fight’s of the night for me, both just exploded out of their corners and starting throwing for the heavens. Fast paced, Entertaining, blow by blow, these guys just went at it and it seemed like it never stopped. They were so even throughout all three rounds that if it wasn’t a draw then I had no clue who had won. I sat on the edge of my seat for this match the whole three rounds, it was just that good. My focus didn’t waiver and I couldn’t take my eyes of the two competitors. How these two kept the pace up I’ll never know. It wasn’t an all out brawl but it was a war, and both two fighters absolutely deserve that recognition.

Catchweight 80kg
Adrian Elbert (Husaria FT) vs Oktawain Olejniczak (IFS)
Winner: Oktawain Olejniczak via Triangle in the 2nd round


Again this match was quite quick paced and great to watch. Leading into the second round Oktawain took his moment and locked on a Triange Choke hold and Elbert tapped. Great match up between the two and I would keep an eye on Oktawain (still don’t know how to pronounce his name) as he may be a force to be reckoned with.

Welterweight AM
Michael Davern (Evolution) vs Simon Loughlin (Chum Sut)
Winner: Micahel Davern via RNC in 52 seconds


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This was the start of some very quick fights all which ended within the first round in under a minute each time.Loughlin came out with some great kicks, and capitalised when one of then took Davern down to the mat. Davern attempted an arm bar at this point, but Loughlin spun out of this.Michael Davern here with the Rear Naked Choke submission win in 52 seconds in the first round. This match really finished before it could begin and Davern Captilised taking Loughlin’s back and sinking in that hold. Quick fight, with a tap out ending. You could see the frustration in Loughlin after tapping out, but I still think he has a lot more to show us, just an unfortunate result.



Light Heaveyweight AM 
Kyle McClurkin (FAI) vs Daragh Kennedy (Kokoro)
Winner: Kyle McClurkin via TKO in 32 seconds


An even quicker fight which saw McClurkin get the quick TKO finish in the first round. Unfortunately Kennedy didn’t get much of a chance to get into this fight, taking a flurry of successful hits from McClurkin and unable to retaliate, the referee called a stoppage on this fight at 32 seconds in the first round. Gutted for Kennedy but hopefully this doesn’t deter him and he comes out fighting in his next match. Congrats to McClurkin on the quick win!



Middleweight AM
Gerard McKee (RPG MMA) vs Maciej Gierswewski (Kyoujin)
Winner: Maciej Gierswewski TKO in 56 seconds


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The last of the under a minute stoppages in which there was 3 in a row! Gerard vs Maciej ended in 56 seconds in the first round after Maciej gained the full mount and just started raining down blows on McKee until the ref called for the stoppage. One of the scarier moments of the night was watching McKee on the ground after stoppage, Knockout’s are always quite scary especially when you don’t experience them often, Mckee did stand up and seemed fine leaving the cage but sending well wishes. Good performance from Maciej again just unfortunate that this match didn’t really go a bit longer, would have liked to see these two battle it out for a bit longer.

Middleweight Title AM
Glenn Irvine (NGNI) vs Richie Crosdale (SBGI)

Winner and Clan Wars Middleweight Champion:
Glenn Irvine via TKO in the 2nd round



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This was another great fight and a competitor for fight of the night, Glenn Irvine vs Richie Crosdale, both looking for that title belt to be placed around their waist. Glenn came out with some punches and kick in the first round, with Crosdale getting a takedown. Lots of instructions from both cornering teams being thrown at the fighters this match, which is great for me as a fan who is trying to learn more, to listen to the instructions and see how the fighter is applying those and what changes in the match. Most of the first round was spent on the mat, where Crosdale kept some of the control possibly looking for a submission. Second round Irvine came out swinging and connected with some good punches which sent Crosdale to the floor, Irvine capitalises on this and leapt in to throw some punches resulting in a TKO. Big congrats to Glenn Irvine on the win!



Bantamweight Interim Title AM
Alex Bediou (Kokoro) vs Ian Cleary (Primal)
Winner and Clan Wars Bantamweight Interim Champion:
Ian Cleary by Unanimous decision

This again was another fight of the night in my opinion, 3 good rounds by both competitiors. They kept the pace going, keep it moving, it was entertaining and definitely a battle. Again both fighters wanted this belt, so it was going to be a war. First round there was some ground battle, with Clearly on top, handing out some kidney shots and throwing down some hits as Bediou on the bottom looked for a submission opening. Bediou was very agile on the mat with some great transitions and opportunities. These guys were great standing and on the mat, Cleary showing he could be just as offensive and aggressive on the mat as he could standing up. The match ended with Cleary coming out on top and being awarded the belt after three very solid rounds. After the interview he was surprised by Ross McCorriston who was unfortunately injured and had to drop out of the fight with Cleary a week or so before hand. McCorriston came in to make sure Cleary knew that after coming back from Las Vegas where he would be representing NI in the MMA world championship, that he would be coming for the belt. Great call out on Carl McNally as well!


Lightweight Title AM
Jay Ar Campos (Kokoro) vs Tommy Martin (SBGI)
Winner and Clan Wars Lightweight Champion:
Tommy Martin via RNC in 1 minute 24 seconds




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After Steven Moore got injured, Jay Ar Campos was set to replace him in this fight against Tommy Martin for the Clan Wars Lightweight Title. After coming off a huge win from Clan Wars 21 Jay Ar Campos looked to be the perfect competitior for Martin who came into Clan Wars on a 3 win streak, and a title holder in Akuma Winning the Belt back in March. Both started off round one with some exchanges until it was taken to the ground and Martin locked in the Rear Naked Choke hold and Campos tapped. I was a little dissapointed that this match didn’t go on longer as I think it would have been a great contender for fight of the night and allowed both competitiors to showcase their skills a bit more, but was happy for Tommy Martin on his quick successful win which brings him up to a 4 win streak at the moment. Will be interesting to see if his next fight is Pro rather than Amateur and I can’t wait to see what he brings to his next match, hopefully it will last a bit longer next time.

Pro Welterweight
Chris McDonald (Tiger Muay Thai) vs Merv Mulholland (EFR)
Winner: Merv Mulholland via TKO in 1 minute 1 second


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It was then time for the main event of the evening which saw a rematch between the retiring Chris McDonald (10-6) and Merv Mulholland (11-6). The match started off quickly with a tap of the gloves but ended quickly for Chris McDonald after he took a direct body shot which downed him allowed Mulholland to jump in and land some quick shots on his head making the referee call a stoppage to the match after 1 minute 1 second in the first round. Absolutely gutted for Chris McDonald who was surely looking some revenge after last fighting Merv and receiving the same result, a finish in the first round. Announcing his retirement after the match Chris McDonald left the cage to a round of applause. As he said, it was the body shot that won it. Congrats to Merv Mulholland on the win, I wonder who his next opponent is going to be?

This was an absolutely stacked card, with some amazing fights, a variety of different outcomes, callouts, great music, a great crowd and atmosphere, standout fighters, knockouts and more.

Get down to a Clan Wars event, you will not be disappointed! If I haven’t convinced you enough why not check out their past events, and the level of performance that their shows include. You can find Clan Wars on:

facebook Clan Wars Facebook

twitter Clan Wars Twitter

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