The Liebster Award Nomination

The Liebster Award Nomination

The wonderful Lauren Catherine (Find her blog here) has nominated me for the Liebster award! You can read Lauren’s post here. First of all a massive massive thank you to Lauren for nominating me, you should have seen my wee face when I saw the tweet tagging me, I couldn’t believe it!

There are a couple of rules first like Lauren I’m going to discuss now and get them out of the way before answering the questions Lauren has set for her nominee’s.

Rule 1: Thank the blogger who nominated you! (I will also be finding Lauren at the next event and giving her a big hug! Pre-Warning you now Lauren!  )

Rule 2: Answer the 11 questions set by the nominee

Rule 3: Nominate 11 Bloggers and give them 11 questions to answer

So without further ado, here are my answers to Lauren’s questions, hopefully some of them aren’t too cheesy or rambly <– totally a word by the way.

  1. What made you start a blog?

I’m not actually too sure what had me starting a blog. Whether it was just somewhere I wanted to record my thoughts and ramblings? Whether I just wanted to blog because youtubers like Zoella, Louise, Katie and Tanya where doing it, I’m really not too sure. I think it was more for the memories, for sharing my thoughts and giving my opinion more than anything. Right now, I’m really glad I started back into writing on my blog. I was so inconsistent before and I really hadn’t a baldy what I was doing, but with the amazing community we have today, the girls have made everything so much easier and it is so nice to have an awesome support network where we can all advise, make each other laugh and meet up.


  1. What TV shows have you been watching?

Strangely enough I don’t watch a lot of TV but I’m catching up on my Once Upon a Time series, and of course with Great British Bake Off back on TV I’ve been setting it to record. Other than that, it’s usually re-runs of friends, big bang theory and at dinner times our daily viewing of Home and Away!


  1. What blog post are you most proud of?

I think I’m most proud of my hot water bottle, wheat jar post. I was really happy that I was able to show everyone my experience and warn of the dangers of them. I also was so pleased with how the photography turned out in that post. I’m really happy to see the improvement and how much my blog has grown and I think that post was one of the turning points.


  1. Have you any pets?

Unfortunately, not! My brother is allergic to all animals with fur and my mum is afraid of any type of reptile or mouse like creature. We did have a rabbit which I had got before my little brother arrived and he lived for nearly 16 years! It was absolutely nuts. I will of course be rescuing a doggo when I move into my own place but until then I like to live vicariously through all my friends who have pets. Though my dad’s fiancé has a cat called crunchie who I get to see every weekend J He usually just steals my coat and sleeps beside me most of the day.


  1. Any advice or tips to fellow bloggers?

I think my main advice would be to just stick with it and not to worry about other people’s blogs and what they are doing and how popular they are. Just focus on yourself and support everyone you meet as much as you can, whether this is just leaving a comment every now and again, joining a blogger community, sharing inspiration, tips, tricks and advice. It gets hard sometimes, when you can’t think of the right things to write about, you are out of ideas, you feel a bit out of place or you are rubbish at taking photos. Everything takes practice though and you’ll thank yourself when you look back and see how much you have improved through each blog post


  1. How do you keep yourself organised with blogging?

I only post once a week at the moment, maybe twice if I have the posts all drafted and ready. So it’s usually easy enough to organise my posts just by making a list in a notebook or setting a reminder on my phone. I’m still testing and trialling a couple of apps to schedule tweets, Instagram posts and FB posts, so I will report back on that soon. I always set aside an hour or two to brainstorm new ideas and to draft up a post as well when I can. Some days I’ll have a million ideas and other days I’ll really struggle so it’s a learning curve.


  1. What’s one thing you’ve learnt from blogging?

I think just to try my best, and be happy with what I’m writing. It’s hard to not compare yourself to everyone else’s blogs and convince yourself that yours is crap and who would want to read it. That’s the first big hurdle to jump and after you are over it, it honestly feels so good to just write for you and not for anyone else. To open yourself up to the community as well and not be scared to take criticism or accept advice.


  1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

This is hard one, because for so long I would have immediately said the states. It’s all I ever wanted to do was to move over there and live that American dream. A lot has changed over the years and I have a lot of people who are extremely important to me over here so I don’t think I would be moving very far. I’ve always liked the look of Italy, Sorrento, Volterra, Lanzarote maybe. It’s such a hard decision!


  1. Coffee or tea?

Oh, god tea all the way! As soon as I started university back in 2011, everyone said wait till you start drinking coffee, you’ll get addicted! Unfortunately, I’m not even fond of the smell of coffee let alone the taste of it! I would rather have a big cuppa tea, with a little milk and three sugars in one of my many mugs


  1. A book you would recommend to anyone?

I will forever and always recommend the Harry Potter books to anyone who will listen to me. They were the be all and end all of books for me, and I still get very emotional reading them to this day! Other book suggestions would have to be the Magician Series, The immortal instruments and the Nicholas flamel series!


  1. Snapchat or Insta stories?

Ooooh this is quite tough cause I don’t really use either! I love the filters and how much fun you can have on snapchat! I also now love that it will continuously record you now instead of cutting you off! Insta has boomerang though and we all love a good boomerang!

Nominee time! There are so many wonderful bloggers to choose from and I know so many have already been nominated some hopefully I can bring a smile to someone’s face.

Lynsey – Littleluxuriesbylynsey

Victoria – retrosnowflakes

Lynne – adayinthelifeofamumof6

Stevie – otherworldsthanthese

Rachel – Canines and Cosmetics

Emma – Scientist in the city

Katie – The Burning Wick

Jennifer Hughes – Jenniferhughesreviews

Victoria – Dotty Diamond

Alison – Passion and Preening

Gill – EyelinerFlicks

And so we move on to my devious questions for all my wonderful nominations above!

  1. Who inspired you to start blogging?
  2. What sports do you follow? Or if you had to pick one which sport would you watch
  3. If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you get and why?
  4. What keeps you motivated to blog?
  5. What is your favourite social media platform?
  6. You meet a genie and he gives you 3 wishes, what do you wish for?
  7. Is there anything you dislike about blogging, or find hard?
  8. What advice would you give new start up bloggers?
  9. If you could be in any movie, what movie would it be?
  10. Do you have a favourite blog post you have written?
  11. Do you believe in Love at First site? (Can apply to a human, animal or product)

Gosh I enjoyed that! Thanks again to the lovely Lauren for nominating me!

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