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A Goal a month

Recently I have been trying to motivate myself a little more, writing many to-do lists and trying to keep myself busy. Most of my jobs that I tick off are necessary, things I need to do or have to do. I never really have a list now of things that I want to do or things I want to plan toward which can make everything that little bit more tedious or boring.

I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day and came across a couple of articles about setting goals for yourself. Of course, we always set ourselves a resolution or two during New Year’s, good for you anyone out there who is still sticking to theirs, but we mostly find that these resolutions get lost in the hustle and bustle of life, or become too hard to keep.

So, I thought why not make it a little easier for myself and set a goal for myself each month. Nothing humungous, but something I know I would love to do and that would motivate me! Even if it’s something as silly as eating a piece of fruit every day for the month of July or not buying any new clothes or unnecessary items for the month of August. To something a little bigger like, workout once a week this month, save up to buy a new camera/laptop this month etc.

For the month of July, I had a think, and a look at my list of goals that I wouldn’t mind completing in 2017. The one that stood out the most was to learn Italian! It is such a beautiful language and I am hoping to get a weekend holiday in Rome possibly this year if not next year and would love to be able to speak a little bit and be able to understand if I’m being spoken to or asked a question.

I have downloaded a couple of apps on my phone and of course there is always so many websites and courses available online, so I can’t wait to get stuck in!

Do you set goals for yourself at the beginning of the month? I would love to hear what they are! Also does anyone have any tips or suggestions on the best ways or apps to learn Italian?


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