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50 Things That Make Me Happy – Tag

I generally like to think of myself as a happy person. The one who is always smiling, having a laugh and trying to make everyone else smile. Whether this is through silly jokes, sentimental gifts or just being a weirdo, it is something I would say is a big part of my happiness. My friends have referred to me as like being like Joy from the Disney movie Inside Out or Anna from Frozen, which I have happily accepted (anything Disney instantly makes me so happy).

So, whilst trying to find some inspiration for some blog posts, I came across the 50 things that make me happy tag and thought it would be perfect. Plus, you never know it might bring a smile to someone elseโ€™s face. Keeping this list to 50 things is going to be tough!

  1. Disney Movies
  2. Dogs & Puppies (puppy breath is just <3)
  3. A good cup of tea in one of my many mugs
  4. Singing loudly in the car
  5. A yummy pasta bake made especially by mum
  6. My Thumper Onesie
  7. Cuddling up with a wheat jar and watching all the tv
  8. Anything Harry Potter (literally anything)
  9. Dairy Milk Chocolate
  10. Looking back at holiday photos

  1. Going on new adventures
  2. A nice fruity scented candle
  3. Listening to the rain
  4. Messing about with my friends
  5. Losing myself in video games (aka constantly dying whilst playing crash bandicoot)
  6. Watching Ice Hockey
  7. Surprising my friends with gifts
  8. A super comfy jumper and jogging bottoms
  9. Make-Up Free Days
  10. A German biscuit <3

  1. Wicked the musical ๐Ÿ˜€
  2. Planning and organising holidays
  3. Seeing my family and friends happy
  4. Watching my favourite youtubers
  5. Listening to country music
  6. Writing and making lists
  7. Listening to my granddadโ€™s captain stories
  8. Knowing that something you have done has made a difference
  9. Trying something new and not freaking out
  10. Eating all the food on my plate

  1. Driving my car
  2. Learning something new
  3. Playing Cards against humanity
  4. Baking
  5. Seeing how my work has improved over the course of a year
  6. Fluffy socks
  7. Watching Snow fall (Not so much being in it though)
  8. Christmas ๐Ÿ˜€
  9. My best friends Stevie, Dave, Vinto, Mel, Hannah, Ashleigh, Jordyn, Dawn
  10. Sitting down with the heating on, in my onesie reading a good book

  1. Finding a good bargain
  2. Going to see a wrestling show
  3. Finding shoes that fit my tiny feet
  4. The Colour of my room
  5. Sleeping and a good lie in on the weekend
  6. Blogging and meeting all the wonderful bloggers
  7. A Tayto crisp sandwich
  8. Freshly washed hair
  9. My Olaf slippers that cost me ยฃ1
  10. Quote of Inspiration

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